2DiscoverCONTENTdiscoverUBD is delighted to welcome returning and new students and faculty to the first semester of the 2012/2013 academic session! After a busy and productive break for our students, this first semester saw UBD play host to numerous world players, including Her Excellency Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton (pg 5), who, with His Royal Highness Prince Mohamed Bolkiah, inaugurated the Brunei-US English Language Enrichment Project for ASEAN. The project, which is based out of UBD, is emblematic of the ways in which UBD is proving itself to be a partner of note internationally. The lectures given by “Deedat Plus” Dr. Zakir Naik (pg 10) and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Mr. Chun Ding and Mr. Soon Loo (pg 6), amongst others, were sites of lively and progressive debate and dialogue, which can only enhance the learning environment which UBD strives to provide for its students and faculty. Beyond that, UBD continues to gather recognition from regional and international bodies, from eG.InC’s victory at the FutureGov Awards (pg 10), to becoming a member of the Asia-Pacific Bureau (pg 24), to our students’ winning the BICTA Award (pg 23).The first academic semester of the year is noteworthy annually for a different reason, however. Every year the Convocation ceremony is cause for pride, and a reaffirmation of UBD’s contribution to the nation through nurturing graduates who are community-minded, responsible, and prepared for a global future. We strive to instill these qualities in all of our graduates, and this year’s Vice Chancellor Medal winner (pg 28) is an exemplar of our success. We do not forget in our celebrations our overseas graduates, of whom we are particularly proud (pg 26). This issue of discoverubd is packed with stories of our achievements and progress as an institution, but perhaps I’ll take the time to highlight one which I feel is a small sign of UBD’s future. UBD’s Global Health Classroom (pg 21) is symbolic, I think, of UBD’s place in the international world of higher education: a site of facilitation, innovation, and collaboration - anchored right here on campus. discoverUBD would like once again to welcome back all members, congratulate all graduates, and offer our highest hopes for the semester ahead. Best wishes,Hjh Anis Faudzulani Hj DzulkifleeAssistant Vice Chancellor(Corporate and Administration)ContactInternational and Public Relations Officeoffice.ipro@ubd.edu.bnEditorial BoardDr. Teo Siew Yean, Dr. Kathrina DP Haji Mohd Daud, Hjh Nuairah Afiifah Hj Abdul Wahab, Khairunnisa Hj Ibrahim,Hjh Joanna Yacob and Hj Ramli Hj JaafarEditorialWelcoming Message2 Welcoming Message Discover Feature3 UBD’s 24th Convocation Ceremony4 Pesta Konvo opened by HRH Crown Prince 5 Brunei-US ELEP Inaugural Launch Discover News6 Awards presented at Convocation Ceremony Silicon Valley venture capitalists lecture7 University Scholars Leadership Symposium in Bali Singapore President presents Outstanding International Volunteer Award8 e-Government Executive Training Closing Ceremony Dinner UBD hosts web designing course for librarians9 Princeton Professor gives talk on oil palm logging and agriculture impacts and economics Climate Scientist Dr Vicky Pope gives lecture10 UBD hosts lecture series by Dr. Zakir Naik eG.InC shortlisted at FutureGov Awards11 First Coffee@eG.InC session12 UBD accredits RIPAS and SSB e-Government Survey Workshop13 UBD PhD candidate promotes sustainable consumption in Estonia Public Profile: Professor Victor Terrence King14 UBD congregates with UNC and USFQ in the Galapagos Archipelago ILIA’s SLP graduates two more cohorts15 7th HELP workshop UBD geology students celebrate Hari Raya16 IHS UBD students lend helping hand Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University MoU17 HSBC YDC Young Entrepreneur Challenge UBD Library holds Khatam Al-Qur’an and Tahlil ceremony20 New Thinking Paradigm for 11th EDPMMO21 UBD’s Global Health Classroom launched 6th International Summer Medical School Programme22 FBEPS attends Babson GCEE meeting Orientation For New SHBIE Graduate Students23 UBD Students receive BICTA award UBD students community study in Surabaya UBD’s MEd CPA educational visit to Kg Ayer24 Advanced computer modelling discussion UBD becomes a member Asia-Pacific Bureau25 UBD signs MoU with Zhejiang University UBD welcomes 6th UniBridge intake26 IHS Students Overseas Graduate28 Interview with Vice-Chancellor Medal Recipient Discover Research 29 iCUBE Bukit Pagon Expedition studies 30 Art Exhibition at JIS Arts Centre and UBD Student Centre31 Creative Industries Research Cluster uses nature for art BruneiTrails.com steps online32 Transfiguration of Space33 UBD & NYBG Research collaboration Discover Conferences34 UBD attends The First Convention of WAiBS SHBIE hosts 17th International Conference on Education35 SHBIE links With CESA
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