Both general and tuition fees are payable by the following group of students:

  • Fee paying local students (who are not sponsored by the government either through Ministry of Education scholarship and in-service training).
  • Fee paying international students

Once students are enrolled, they will be bound by the University’s fees regulation, and are agreeing to pay tuition fees for every year in which they are enrolled.


Eligible students may apply for scholarships that are available to pursue their studies in Universiti Brunei Darussalam. Apart from tuition fees borne by the government, scholarships will also cover a student’s costs for accommodation, books, food, personal spending as well as complementary medical treatment at any Brunei Government hospital whilst travel expenses will be arranged by the Brunei Darussalam Foreign Mission at the scholar's country of origin or the closest Brunei Darussalam Mission to their country.

Fees & Funding for Undergraduate

Fees & Funding for Graduate