All new students are required to attend the UBD Freshers' Week. It is an orientation week filled with introductory briefings on all matters important to your starting your university life as well as other exciting activities. It will be an opportunity to get to know your university and its surrounding, meet with your Faculty and learn the modules that you would need to register for, and how to prepare yourself for the transition into tertiary studies. You will also have the opportunity to explore and get to know the UBD Students' Association and all the clubs and societies under it, and of course, meet and make new friends.

UBD Freshers' Week will take place from Monday, 30th December 2019 until Saturday, 4th January 2020 (excluding public holiday and Friday).

Pre-Freshers' Week Registration will be held for three days in the week before that, on 26th to 28th December 2019, to allow for campus tour, collection of the Freshers’ Week attendance card, your Freshers’ Week pack and payment of fees (if you have not paid already).


  • Undergraduate students must attend ALL the Freshers' Week briefing/ activity sessions as attendance shall be taken and stamped in on your FW Attendance Card.
  • Graduate Students (Master & PhD are only required to attend graduate briefing on Saturday, 4 Jan 2019, 1.30pm - 4.30pm.
  • Non-graduating students (e.g. Exchange Students), C3L Students and Unibridge students are only required to attend the Vice-Chancellor's Address and Oath Taking Ceremony on Monday, 30th December 2019
  • Failure to attend without any justification or prior approval from Student Affairs Section will delay the collection of your UBD Student Card (which you will need for identification identification when dealing with offices in UBD, borrowing books at the Library and examination).
  • If you are unable to attend Freshers' Week, please email to request for approval. This email (with the approval response) must be printed out and shown to the FW Organizers for collection of verification slip for UBD Student Card Collection.

Pre-Freshers' Week January 2019/ 2020 plan layout

Go on UBD Campus Tour on 28 December 2019.

Check out PMUBD's Instagram (IG: @MPPUBD) for updates on Campus Tour Registration link and deadline!

Please come to Chancellor Hall between 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. or 2.00 p.m. to 3.00 p.m. EITHER 26, 27 or 28 December 2019 to:

Purchase student insurance

@ insurance booths or insurance offices

We will be inviting relevant student insurance service providers to open up booths and allow you to make purchase at the insurance provider of your choice.

Note that for Bruneian and Permanent Resident students, you are required to pay lump sum according to your programme duration, whereas international students have the option to pay for a year first and renew annually.

For part-time students under C3L (except UniBridge or BEC), you are required to pay lump sum as well according to the maximum duration of your study programme. But should you finish early, the amount for the remaining years shall be refunded back to you, subject to you producing the original policy cover.

Collect Freshers' Week pack @ FW Registration Counter

Please ensure that you have made payments for your registration, acceptance and PMUBD (compulsory for undergraduate only) fees before doing this.

Submission of relevant documents @ Submission Counter

  • Bring with you to the Freshers' Registration:
    • 2 x passport photos
    • A copy of your UBD offer letter
    • A copy of your identification card or passport (with picture)
    • Printed copies of receipts for fee payments made (through ePayment)
    • A copy of your insurance policy cover
    • UBD Health Declaration Form. (Please print and complete the form, either in English or Malay, and submit during Freshers' Registration. Link to form : Malay version | English version

This will allow you to get Stamp 1 on UBD Student Card verification slip. You will need 2 stamps to get your UBD student card after Freshers' Week.

Collect Freshers' Week pack @ RFP Collection Counter

Please ensure that you have made payments for your registration, acceptance and PMUBD (compulsory for undergraduate only) fees before doing this.

You may download these for your kind reference:

Freshers' Week August 2019/ 2020 Timetable
Freshers' Week August 2019/ 2020 plan layout
Vice Chancellor's Address Programme

Make sure you complete these essential tasks for full UBD Freshers' Week experience:

Meet the representatives from various clubs and student bodies as they showcase to you what they do, and find out how to join the ECAs

Attend Vice-Chancellor's Address & Oath Taking Ceremony

You and your parents will be invited to attend this official welcoming event, which also acts as the opening ceremony for Freshers' Week, where you will have the Taking your oath as UBD students in front of the Vice-Chancellor

Attend academic-related briefings

You can learn more about the GenNEXT programme, what it entails, how to register for your modules and examination regulations.

Attend safety briefing

We at UBD are very concerned for your safety while you are studying here, but safety is also each individual's responsibility. Learn about it here.

Attend Faculty Orientation

Meet the faculty staff members and your fellow seniors, learn about your programme structure and modules you have to take, and ethics and conduct while studying.

Register for your modules

There will be a briefing on the module registration process on the first day of Freshers Week. Students will begin registering for modules on the second day of Freshers Week and this will be open for three days. This is done online by the student themselves and students are expected to refer to their respective Faculties for advice on module selection.

Know your support services

Attend the talks by Student Affairs Section (SAS), Centre of Networking, Employment and Training (CoNECT), Admissions Office and Discovery Year Unit for introductions on where to go and who to meet for student welfare, counselling, diverse learning needs, career advice, Brunei Government scholarship and opportunities for Discovery Year matters.

Get to know your Student Representative Council

Get to know your Students Representative Council (MPP) and register with the UBD Students' Association (PMUBD) - they will be your voice throughout your years in UBD. This is compulsory for all undergraduate students (Constitution of the Universiti Brunei Darussalam Students' Association – Article V).

PMUBD Showcase (will be held one week after the Fresher Week)

Meet the representatives from various clubs and student bodies as they showcase to you what they do, and find out how to join the ECAs'

Visit the library

Attend the library briefing and take the library tour

Know your way around

Take the campus tour in order to familiarize yourself with important places, faculties and offices within UBD

Begin your studies with prayers @ UBD Mosque

It is always good to start your year of studies with prayers and thanksgiving to the Almighty, and you will have a chance to do this by attending the Sembahyang Zuhur Berjemaah, Membaca Yassin dan Doa Selamat.

To non-Muslims, don't worry, we have things planned for you too during this time.

Find out what you can do for your Discovery Year

Attend the Discovery Year briefing session and see what opportunities are open to you and how to avail them.

Collect your UBD Student Card
(available one week after Freshers' Week)

Your UBD Student Card is vital, it identifies you as a member of the Universiti Brunei Darussalam and allow you to borrow books from the UBD Library.

If you have received the first stamp from submission of documents during the pre-Freshers' Week Registration period, then by submitting the full attendance card of Freshers' Week sessions (graduate students may be excused for non-compulsory sessions), then you will get Stamp 2 on your UBD Student Card verification slips from Student Affairs Section.

Graduate students are only required to attend session for Graduates Student in the afternoon of Saturday, 4th January 2019. However, attending other briefings can help you get a picture of how life in UBD is like. But most important would be for you to connect and get acquainted with your faculty, programme leader and supervisor(s) (if you are a research student).

And if you are a Government in-service student (LDP), then you should also attend the Government In-Service Briefing session. The date and time of this session will be announced at a later date.

What to wear





Vice-Chancellor's Address


Baju melayu, songkok, sinjang (for Muslim)
Smart work clothes (non-Muslim)

Smarts shoes/ comfortable shoes i.e. no slippers, flip flops, sandals


Baju kurung with headscarf (tudung)

All other events except Faculty Orientation.


Smart work clothes

Smarts shoes/ comfortable shoes i.e. no slippers, flip flops, sandals


Baju kurung with headscarf (tudung)

Faculty Orientation


Sports t-shirts and long sports pants

Sports shoes


Loose sports t-shirts, long sports pants (not tight) and headscarf (tudung)

Etiquette for Freshers Week

  • Arrive in UBD as early as possible. Car parking spaces may be limited.
  • Be familiar with the campus and the locations of all the venues. Be punctual for all the events. You can refer to the UBD map in our website.
  • Attend ALL the Freshers Week sessions, as the information given in each session shall help you in your transition to university life. Refer to the above Freshers Week Programme & Floor Plan.
  • Ask questions if you are unsure. You may approach any of the members of staff or members of the UBD Students' Association.

UBD Freshers' Guide

Please download the UBD Freshers' Guide in order to familiarise yourself with what will be required for Freshers' Week and for the first few weeks of entering UBD.

Absent during Freshers' Week

You must write officially to the UBD through to request for permission to absent during Freshers' Week, Faculty Orientation and UBD Wednesday Activity. Approval is only given if a written consent via email is received. Being absent will mean that you miss out on Freshers' Week activities, academic induction, social sessions and the important tours.

Within 3 weeks after Freshers Week

  • Collect your UBD Student Card
    • To be able to collect this, you must submit the following documents to Student Affairs Section in order to obtain a verification slip:
      • A completed Health Declaration Form (either in Malay or English)
      • A signed Oath Form
      • A copy of payment receipts (registration fee, acceptance fee, PMUBD fees [if applicable] and/or tuition fee and deposit)
      • A copy of student insurance policy cover
      • Completely filled Freshers' Week attendance card (the briefing marked * are optional from graduates but you must attend the rest).
      Without the above documents, you will not be able to collect the verification slip. You would have to provide justification for this or show proof of prior approval for non-attendance for consideration.
    • Bring the verification slip to ICTC, Level 1 at University Technology Hub building (room number to be updated) during office hours and collect your UBD Student Card.
  • Activate your GenNEXT Information System (GIS) account and access myUBD (Student Portal)
    Use your registration number and email password as your user ID and password respectively for these two systems.
  • Download the Canvas Learning Management System app to your smartphone and register
    Username: <your registration number>
    Password: <your registration number> (you may change your password after the first login)

    More information on this system will be explained during Freshers' Week
  • Read the Student Portal
    For information regarding student regulations and procedures, you can refer to the Student Portal by logging on to the myUBD link (using your email ID and password, once you have activated it).
  • Attend Government in-service briefing session (if you are one)
    If you are a Government In-service student, you are required to attend a separate Government In-Service Briefing session will be held at a later date by the Student Welfare Officer, where she will explain on all relevant matters especially out-of-state leave during studies and relevant loan applications.

    An email will be sent out to relevant students once details are confirmed.
  • Attend International student orientation
    Familiarization with new environment and culture as well as making new friends can be quite challenging. Therefore, all new international students are required to attend this welcoming reception. The date, time and venue shall be shared soon.