A course which has been designed to give an understanding of Brunei through its four themes:

  • Language and Culture
  • Brunei History
  • Business and Industry
  • Green Science

Being a small country which is rich in traditions, Brunei is unique as it implements an Islamic law while progressively adopting a dynamic sociocultural and socio-economic development.

International students will have a chance to learn and experience the true unique Bruneian identity, its economy as well as its surrounding through the course’s 42-hour classes and various relevant visits. DBC is academically enriching and you will earn 4 credits while spending your summer.

  • Course Duration: 4 weeks
  • Contact hours: 42 hours
  • Class size: Minimum of 5 students

Start dates:

  • 27 January - 23 February 2020
  • 5 August - 31 August 2020

Aims / Objectives

This interdisciplinary, socially-enriching programme offers international students an opportunity to spend part of their summer break living in and learning about Brunei. To give the students a first-hand feel of life and living in this kingdom of unexpected treasures, homestays in each of the country's four districts will be a weekly component of the DBC. The DBC encompasses the following four weekly themes: Language and Culture, History of Brunei, Green Science, and Business and Economy.

How to Apply

 Entry Criteria


Course Contents



Choice of Module


Language, Culture and MIB


The Austronesian Languages of Brunei

Introduction to Linguistic Ecology of Brunei

Basic Practical Malay language


Wedding Ceremony, Weaving, Silat


Introduction of MIB

The Practice of the Concept within the Family

Wider Society and the Nation-state


History of Brunei

Early Brunei History: Sources for Brunei History

Thalassocratic Empire: Rise and Fall

Modern Brunei

Post-constitution Period up until 1984

Brunei's Foreign Policy


Business and Industry

SME Development in Brunei Darussalam

Islamic Banking and Finance

Economy of Brunei Darussalam



Green Science

Introduction to Tropical Rainforest

River/stream Ecosystems and Biodiversity

Forest Dynamics, Tree Growth and Mortality

Forest Hydrology

Conservation of Tropical Forest

Mangroves of Brunei Bay

Climate Change Impacts on Brunei