This unique course aims to let students experience, learn, and understand the Malay language and culture. The exposure and learning of the Malay culture will include traditional dressing customs, wedding ceremony and traditions, authentic traditional food, traditional dance and folk songs, traditional games and Silat (martial art).

In order to give students an in-depth understanding about the Malay culture, most of the lectures will be conducted outside the class, thus providing a blend in academic and experiential learning. Students are also expected to learn one or two movements of the well-known Silat which can be brought home and practised as a form of exercise.

  • Course Duration: 4 weeks
  • Contact hours: 42 hours
  • Class size: Minimum of 5 students 

Start dates:

  • Course dates/periods are customisable and will run depending on the number of students. For more information, kindly email at

Aims / Objectives:

The aim of this programme is to provide participants with an introduction to Brunei Malay culture heritage. It focuses on key aspects of Malay language and ethnics, customs, arts, music, literature and cuisine. 

Module Content:

Throughout the course, the following areas will be covered:

  • Malay ethnic and language groups in Brunei: Diversity of Malays
  • Malay customs and ethics: Gift-giving etiquette, names, meeting and greetings
  • Malay arts: Traditional dances, Malay crafts of carving, weaving (luxurious textiles such as Jong Sarat), metalsmith (bronze, silver and gold-smithing), Silat martial art
  • Malay music: Traditional orchestra instrument Gulintangan, and authentic Brunei music
  • Malay literature: Learn about oral and written Malay literature like folktales and pantun (Malay poetic form)
  • Malay cuisine

How to Apply

 Entry Criteria