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quoteC3L Short Courses are perfect for anyone. As long as you have the commitment,you can study & learn what you want .

quoteC3L gives me the flexibility to study within busy work schedules. I get to study at home and also have classroom style of studying. The lectures and C3L staffs played a very important role in helping me go through the course as they have supported me not only academically but also encourage me to advance in my career

quoteStudying under C3L has given me the opportunity to be a step closer to completing my studies while working a full time job. The blended learning of lectures and discussions, both online and offline, gives me flexibility to study in my own time.

quoteI work full time but I can continue my studies with C3L UBD. That’s what I need; convenience & flexibility.

quoteI took a C3L Short Course to update my skills and learn at my own pace and time.

quoteC3L Short Courses is an eye-opener and the students come from different backgrounds - senior government officers, directors & business owners.

quoteThe best thing about studying under C3L was the flexibility it offered in terms of study schedules and tutorial timings .

quote Even if you are working during the day, with blended learning you can study at night. There are no more excuses to not develop ourselves!

quoteBe a lifelong learning learner, continue to be curious, ask questions and help others achieve greatness with full of joy.

quoteThroughout the course, it was easy to complete assignments and such because most of it is done online. It's a fun experience and they would get to learn a lot of new things along the way including from their colleagues.

quoteThe flexibility of the programme - to suit your busy schedule and there’s good interaction between students and lecturers of diverse professional background.
Without a doubt it’s one of the best part time professional courses and your opportunity to gain higher education achievement

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself."


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