Early Endemic Phase - Returning to Campus

  1. Operating hours are 7.00am to 7.00pm, Monday to Thursday and Saturday. Some students may have different working hours e.g. research and graduate students. This will be subject to each faculty’s standard operating procedures in ensuring staggered and cohorting attendance of respective students.
  2. All meetings or sessions with other students or staff will be done remotely whenever possible. If face-to-face is necessary, precautionary measures must be taken by those attending.
  3. UBD will be operating with a capacity limit of 75% in accordance to the size of the room/ laboratory capacity. The university has pre-identified rooms or spaces that will be used by staff or students for teaching, learning or research. These rooms will undergo the Sanitization and Hygiene Management Protocol. All other rooms will be kept locked and will not be accessible.

For entry to campus, all staff, students and visitors must fulfil the following conditions:

    ✓ Fully-vaccinated (Those who are partially vaccinated must have a valid ART Certificate issued by an authorised ART Certification Centre)
    ✓ Negative and valid ART result
    ✓ Green or yellow code on Bruhealth
    ✓ Face mask at all times
    ✓ Body temperature less than 37.5℃
    ✓ Not displaying any signs or symptoms of flu or COVID-19
    ✓ Other conditions set by Ministry of Health
    ✓ Visitors by appointment only

Entry to campus must be through checkpoints which are located throughout the campus and within each FICO. If you are unwell, you are highly encouraged to stay home, monitor your condition and to return to office only when you feel well.


  • UBD SECURITY MAIN GATE - Open 24 hrs
  • ILIA Main Entrance – Open during office hours
  • CHANCELLOR HALL Lobby area – Open 24 hours
  • UBD ADMINISTRATION Main Entrance – Open during office hours
  • UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Main Entrance - Open during office hours
  • STUDENT CENTRE Main Entrance Inspiring Hall – Open during office hours
  • All other FICOS will have self-managed internal checkpoints

For the delivery of teaching and learning, structured blended learning will continue as our new normal mode of delivery where students will experience both online and physical classes.

Lectures will continue to be delivered online mainly on CANVAS. Activities that require physical presence or face-to-face interaction will be controlled and limited. This includes lectures for class sizes not more than 75 students, tutorials, problem-based learning sessions, practical, laboratory sessions, and clinical sessions. These sessions will be held in pre-identified teaching rooms and spaces, complete with their own premise QR code and a maximum occupancy of 75% of the room or space capacity.

There will be no changes to the academic calendar.

All staff and students are required to perform ART - every two weeks on Monday (for staff); every week before the first teaching session for the week (for students) and to submit the results via the link below. You will need a valid ART result to enter the campus. ART Kits will be provided by the university through each FICO.

ART Result Submission for STAFF

ART Result Submission for STUDENTS

ART Instructions

As with the previous phase, please report to your FICO if you have received a Quarantine Order, have tested positive for COVID-19 or your Bruhealth code is RED or PURPLE. You may now submit your report through this link:

Submit here

All university services will continue to be provided based on each FICO mode of delivery. As we gradually adjust to meeting other staff, you may wish to make an appointment with the office prior to meeting them.

List of university offices and contact details

The Universiti Mosque, Sports Complex and food eateries will be open and will follow the guidelines issued for specific venues respectively. You are advised to adhere to these measures when visiting the facilities.

Discovery year will proceed as normal for all the four activities - SAP, internship, incubation and community outreach, subject to guidelines and restrictions set by the relevant Ministries.

Students who are going for overseas placements for SAP and internship are required to get insurance that includes cover for COVID-19 and travel will be subjected to advice from the Prime Minister’s Office.

Students on local internship will follow the requirements and standard operating procedures of the host agencies including ART every 2 weeks supplied by the host agencies. The host agency is required to provide a declaration of capacity (at 100% and 75%) and that all employees on-site are fully vaccinated.

Please approach your Discovery Year Coordinator for more information.

For further information, please contact the Registrar’s Office by email office.registrar@ubd.edu.bn or the UBD Hotline +673 880 1000.

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Instagram: UBDBUZZ
Telegram: Universiti Brunei Darussalam
For feedback and help: e-help
UBD Security Hotline (24 hours): 8169009

Ministry of Health Information on COVID-19 and related guidelines

Prime Minister Office Early Endemic Phase Guidelines

Ref: UBD/R&S/6/2021
Date: 12 Rabiulakhir 1442 / 17 November 2021