Universiti Brunei Darussalam Library
Research and Information Services & Promotion Division

Ahmad Safwan bin Haji Jalil
+673 246 0922/ 246 0923 ext 1209/1947

The Library's resources are available to students, staff and external visitors. The digital library (DL) of the Universiti Brunei Darussalam comprises of online library services and academic resources specifically catered to the needs of the faculties and research community of the university.

Users are presented with a segmented web part upon logging in the portal and access to material vary according to the type of users, as follows:

  • Registered user can log in the DL services and access the resources from within and outside campus through Ezproxy network of the library.
  • Non-registered users can only use the facilities at the homepage level of the digital library service.

The services may include: Basic search and advanced Federated Search, Personalisation of the Electronic Resources References, New Arrival Based on Your Subject of Interest, Library Account Information, your saved searches and top campus searches.

Users can also benefit from the News and Announcement of the services and resources, and the Discussion Forum (Have your say) for the library patrons on any subject matter of interest to all members of the Library.

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