University staff members (Division I and II) are eligible to apply for housing through the Housing Unit. Application form can be downloaded  here.

Prospective Landlords

Interested house owners are welcome to submit their housing application to the Housing Unit. Application form can be downloaded  here.


Terms and Conditions to House Owners for Government House Rental

Each house let to the Government must meet the following conditions:

  • To Install a security fence (safety / security grille) on each window and other related areas;
  • To provide curtain rails for every window;
  • To provide fan or air-conditioning in the main bedroom (Master Bedroom), in bedrooms, living room and a dining hall;
  • To provide water heater (Water Heaters) with a minimum capacity of 50 litres - approx. 15 gals;
  • To provide a place to dry clothes;
  • To provide fire extinguisher (fire extinguishers) with a capacity of 2-3 kg, CO2 type and 'Dry Chemical' or 9 litres water / CO2 or foam;
  • To clean the area around the building;
  • To ensure the entrance to the building is in good condition; maintenance work if damaged is the responsibility of the owner of the house;
  • To install a fence (safety / security fencing) around the building;
  • To provide mail box;
  • To provide water tank and pump;
  • To ensure water supply and electricity works;
  • To provide furniture for the houses under category 'B' and should be willing to replace and repair the furniture tools if damaged or rendered unusable, and
  • To provide a flagpole rope and pulley.