• International Students Office will arrange for an airport reception for international students, together with the Student Ambassadors.
  • Soon after arrival, students are required to:
    1. Report to the Coordinator of International Student Office, Ground Floor, Student Centre, UBD.
    2. Register for modules – international students can register themselves with the Assistant Registrar of the respective Faculty/ Institute/ Academy/ Centre academic programmes:
  • The Coordinator of IS will convene a welcome information sharing session at the International Students Office on the following matters:
      1. Bank account
        International students holding the Brunei Government Scholarships are advised to open a new account at the local bank of their choice so that allowances can be debited into their accounts. The IS Office will invite the staff from selected banks to be at UBD (if necessary). In this regard, students are required to bring along their passports and cash of BND50.00 (fifty dollars only) as deposit. The IS Office will issue relevant forms (Particulars for Bank Account) to be competed and submitted together with the College Account Card
      2. reshers Week Registration Pack
        All International Students are required to pay BND$100.00 for the pack to the Student Affairs Section.
      3. Personal Particulars The forms will be issued by the IS Office. The duly completed forms must be submitted together with 2 passport-sized photographs to the IS Office, Student Affairs Section, UBD.
      4. Student Pass application
        A student pass is given for the duration of each academic year (1 year), or up to 6 months before a student's passport expires, whichever period is shorter, and it is FREE.

        To apply for this, international student must have:
        • A copy of passport (front page and page of entry chop)
        • A completed student pass application form (obtainable from IS Office)
        • A copy of visa approval
        • A copy of the UBD offer letter
        • A copy of Scholarship approval letter
        • A copy of valid insurance
        • Medical fitness certification
        • Memo from UBD to the Immigration Department, Brunei Darussalam
      5. Multiple Re-entry Visa
        A student should apply for Multiple Re-entry Visa on a yearly basis (only applicable to international students from countries other than Malaysia, Myanmar and Singapore).

        To apply, you will need a:
        1. Completed Visa Application Form (obtainable from International Students Centre Office at Students Centre Building)
        2. Valid passport (not less than 6 months before expiry date)
        3. Copy of Letter of Offer from UBD
        4. Copy of Letter of Offer from Scholarship Section, MOE, GRS Brunei
        5. Memo from UBD to the Immigration Department, Brunei Darussalam
        6. Cash payment of B$50.00 payable to the Immigration Department, Brunei Darussalam
        7. Cash payment of B$20.00 (if applicable for Charge of General purposes (GP) payable to Immigration Department.
      6. Insurance cover
        All international student MUST purchase personal student accident coverfor the duration of your stay in Brunei Darussalam. Please ensure that the cover taken is valid in Brunei Darussalam. This is a requirement of the International Students Office for visas, student pass and entry pass purposes, as well as the collection of the UBD Student Card.
        1. The medical coverage is approximately B$88.00 per annum.
      7. Medical Fitness Certificate
        1. The result of the Medical fitness examination must be submitted to the IS Office.
        2. You will be required to register to the Brunei Health Information Management System (BruHIMs), which is available at any government health clinics or hospitals. The registration is free.
        3. Students are advised to go to the Rimba Health Clinic at Kampung Rimba located near the UBD campus during office hours and to the Berakas Health Centre (Lambak Kanan) after office hours.
        4. For international students, they would have to pay a registration fee of $5.00, excluding any medical treatment and charges for hospitalisation, for treatment during office hours. After office hours, they would have to pay a total of $30.00, excluding treatment and medication.
        5. The staff of IS Office will send the appropriate completed form for the approval of the Registrar and Secretary, UBD, before sending it to the Ministry of Health, Brunei Darussalam.


        If any student who wants to go the Rimba Health Clinic at Kampung Rimba or RIPAS Hospital before the registration of BruHIMs, he/she is required to:

        • complete and submit the appropriate form at the IS Office for certification by the Registrar & Secretary,
        • bring it along with him/her the UBD Offer letter and his/her original passport.

        Note that all Government Clinics and hospitals operate during working hours from 7.45 a.m. to 12.15 noon, and from 1.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.

        Berakas Health Centre (out-patients only) operates after office hours from 6.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. and every Fridays and Sundays from 2.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

      8. Brunei Identity Smart Card
        The IS Office will also arrange for international students to apply for the Brunei Identity Smart Card at the office of Registrar of Nationals.
      9. Family/ dependentsYou are not encouraged to bring your family/dependents to Brunei Darussalam for the duration of your study. This is not covered in your visa/student pass. For your information, the Department of Immigration Brunei Darussalam would incur a charge of BND1500.00 per person for accompanying dependents.
      10. Passage Entitlement
        Air tickets (by the most economical class and most direct route) will be given:
        1. At the beginning/ commencement of the program, a one-way ticket from the airport nearest to the student's permanent home country to Bandar Seri Begawan
        2. Upon completion of the programme, a one-way ticket from Bandar Seri Begawan to the airport nearest to the student's permanent home.

        For applications ix.b. above, students are required to complete and submit the appropriate form (Application for Passage Entitlement for Overseas Students of UBD) to IS Office.

      11. Allowances
        Allowances and other benefits for international students under the Brunei Government Scholarship Tenable at Universiti Brunei Darussalam are as follows:


        Types of Allowance

        Degree Programmes



        Subsistence Allowance (per month)


        For the approved duration of the programme


        Book Allowance (per academic year)


        For the approved duration of the programme

  • All international students must abide by all the legal rules and procedures to stay in Brunei Darussalam.