International students:


Are required to inform the IS Office the exact date of completion of their respective programmes. This is important in order to allow ample time to arrange for:

  1. Payment of allowances
  2. Excess baggage/ accompanied baggage
  3. Ticket arrangement
  4. Cancellation of student pass and returning of Brunei Identity Smart Card to the Immigration and National Registration Section.


To cancel the Student Pass/ Multiple Re-entry Visa, student will need:

  1. Completed Application Form for cancellation
  2. Copy of completed Students’ Clearance Form (original form to be submitted to Admission and Examination Section)
  3. Copy of completed Hostel Clearance Form (original form to be submitted to Finance Office)
  4. Valid passport (not less than 6 months before expiry date)
  5. Memo from UBD to the Immigration Department, Brunei Darussalam
  6. Copy of flight itinerary of air ticket


Will be given an airport transfer using UBD transport (provided that the request is made at least one week before departure).


Holding the Brunei Government Scholarship are required to fill in a form (Application for Passage Entitlement for Overseas Students of UBD Upon the Completion of Studies).


Are required to fill in a form (Application to leave the State for International Students of UBD Upon the Completion of Studies).                                  


Are required to fill in a form (Students Clearance Certificate). For those who would like to stay in UBD Residential Colleges to attend the UBD Convocation shall be required to write a letter to the Registrar & Secretary of UBD via the Dean of Students for approval. However, the students are reminded that all living expenses are to be borne by themselves except staying at the Residential Colleges.


For those who would like to take their parents along to the UBD Convocation are advised to make advanced booking (at least two weeks before the Convocation date) with the staff-in-charge, telephone number +673 246 0922/ 246 0923 ext 2140 for staying at the UBD accommodation.


Are required to return hostel keys to obtain the key deposit of B$50.00 from The Core Accommodation Officer.