UBD Officiates Career Fair 2019

Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) Career Fair 2019 was held from 18th to 20th July 2019.

In its fifth year, the annual event is organised by the Centre of Networking, Employment and Training (CoNECT) and supported by the Office of Alumni Relations and Advancement (OARA). This year, it features an increase in exhibitors as well as participation from local startups and alumni.

Employers from various private and government sectors show the strong support and commitment of various stakeholders in the socio-economic development of Brunei Darussalam. The initiative is beneficial for students, alumni and the public as it is an avenue for employers to create professional networks with prospective graduates and potential workforce while at the same time, providing feedback to UBD and other higher education institutions in the country of the qualities and skills needed in the current job market.

The main goal for this year's fair is to continue supporting UBD students in their career development journey through enhancing their soft skills as well as gaining as much exposure from participating exhibitors. Furthermore, the fair aims to offer more job opportunities and internships to increase the employability of UBD students and graduates in today's competitive job market.

Higher education students and graduates are exposed to a wealth of exciting opportunities from discovering job opportunities and internships, gaining awareness of organisations and enhancing their networking skills. There were also opportunities for CV checks and interview tips in preparation for interviews.

In conjunction with the event, there were career talks and workshops by stakeholders organised the week before. Invited speakers including business leaders and entrepreneurs. The sessions focused on developing the highly-demanded requirements in most of today's careers.

CoNECT continues to encourage UBD students to enhance their marketability by providing career talks/clinics, career guides and collaborative events with companies. A 10-week programme was launched last year namely "Summer Work Experience Program" (SWEP) which enables the students to gain new experiences from shadowing staff to making a contribution within a role at an organisation. These are to increase their skills, opportunities and networks upon graduation.

Since it began in 2014, the UBD Career Fair has seen a steady increase in participating exhibitors over the years. With over 40 exhibitors and almost 3,000 visitors last year, the organisers have gathered 50 exhibitors this year offering 200 employment opportunities for part time/full time/apprenticeship/internship.

In response to the increase in the number of exhibitors from both the private and government sector, Hajah Tutiaty Abdul Wahab, Acting Permanent Secretary (Manpower) at the Ministry of Energy, Manpower, and Industry (MEMI) said in her remarks at the opening ceremony, "There has been a significant rise in both local and international businesses in our country. This shows the serious commitment of the Government of His Majesty towards creating a Pro-Business environment that would enable further diversification of the country's economy."

This year, the Career Fair also featured alumni and Entrepreneurship Village (EV) startups. This demonstrates their success and capability to give back to the community by offering opportunities for students and graduates to develop crucial real world skills and gain valuable experience.

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