UBD Freshers Week for August 2022/2023 Intake

Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) welcomed a total of 1,075 students for the first intake of the 2022/2023 academic year during Freshers Week which began on 25th July at Chancellor Hall in UBD.

This year's Freshers Week will run until 28th July 2022. Freshers Week is organised by the Students' Affairs Section (SAS) with support from the Student Representative Council (SRC) and volunteers. It aims to introduce newly enrolled students to the relevant matters of their studies and formally welcome them to university life.

The new intake comprises 737 undergraduate students, 262 graduate students; with 246 students pursuing a Master's degree and 16 in the PhD programme, as well as 76 students enrolled in the Unibridge programme.

On the morning of Monday 25th July 2022, The Vice Chancellor's address and students' oath-taking was held at the Main Hall of Chancellor Hall, UBD. The events are an official welcome to the newly enrolled students. The Vice Chancellor's address was delivered by the Vice-Chancellor of UBD and Guest of Honour Yang Mulia Dr Hazri bin Haji Kifle. This was followed by the students taking their oath in front of UBD senior management principal officers and invited guests.

After the Vice Chancellor's address, a number of briefings on relevant matters were conducted by UBD officers. This included talks about the online learning management system used by UBD, the GenNext system, module registration and examinations.

In the afternoon, students participated in their respective Faculty Orientation where they were introduced to Faculty Deans, Deputy Deans, Programme Leaders, Assistance Registrar and faculty members. A briefing was also held on professional and ethical conduct of students. Additionally, members of the student councils or student bodies of each faculty also conducted ice-breaking activities and a faculty tour for the new students.

On the 2nd Day of Freshers Week, Brunei Darussalam AIDS Council will conduct a talk on Social Health Awareness, and OSHE officers will briefly talk on safety and security on campus. While in the afternoon, Persatuan Mahasiswa Mahasiswi Universiti Brunei Darussalam (PMUBD), which is UBD's student association, conducted a talk to familiarise the new students with the services offered by the university, student council and other relevant matters.

On the last day of Freshers Week, a campus tour will be held on 28th July to introduce the undergraduates to the university's buildings and grounds. This includes a tour of the University Library in which the new students will be briefed and shown the variety of services available to them. On the same day, students will also visit the UBD Sports Complex and participate in a sports activity. Other briefings include a talk on drug control, introduction to Entrepreneurship Village (EV) and a sharing session on Discovery Year.

Freshers Week will end with a mass Zohor prayer, recital of Surah Yassin and Doa Selamat at Masjid Universiti, UBD.

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