• UBD Recently Launches Its Own Publishing House, UBD Press, and is Hitting International Market
UBD Recently Launches Its Own Publishing House, UBD Press, and is Hitting International Market

While just beginning to take its first steps into publishing, UBD Press is already making waves internationally especially through the academic sphere. Having published four book titles from the Sultan Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien Centre for Islamic Studies (SOASCIS), UBD Press has sold its publications in international book fairs and is anticipating its books to be published in other editions for international readership.

The four books that have been published by UBD Press are: “Islamic Civilisation and the Modern World: Thematic Essays” by UBD Chair Professor, Professor Datuk Dr Osman Bakar; “The Education System in Brunei Darussalam in Light of Al-Attas’ Philosophy of Education” by Pg Dr Norhazlin Pg Hj Muhammad; “Essentials of Islamic Epistemology” by Mulyadhi Kartanegara; and “Islam in Southeast Europe: Past Reflections and Future Prospects” co-written by Professor Datuk Dr Osman Bakar and UBD’s Visiting Professor, Mesut Idriz.

UBD Press books made their first launch in November at an international book fair in Bahrain, where it received good reviews from the public. The Library of Bahrain University has also ordered the UBD Press books for its shelves.

At a conference on Philosophy, Religion and Sciences, co-organised between SOASCIS with Universitas Islam Negeri in Jakarta, Indonesia, in November, all four titles were showcased. The books received the attention of the leading publishing house in Indonesia, Mizan Press, who will soon work with UBD Press to translate three books into Bahasa Indonesia.

Another interesting development for UBD Press is where author, Professor Datuk Dr Osman, has been invited to speak about his book at Birkbeck College at the University of London. The event will introduce Professor Datuk Dr Osman’s book “Islamic Civilisation and the Modern World: Thematic Essays”, followed by a discussion on the book with the audience, as well as a book-signing session.

According to Professor Datuk Dr Osman, 1,000 copies of his book have been printed for the Malay-speaking world, and the publishing house is looking to publish a Western edition to cater to English-speaking communities. Islamic Text Society, a publishing house in Cambridge, has offered to co-publish the Western edition of the book with UBD Press.

Relating to UBD Press’ sales in Brunei, Professor Datuk Dr Osman said, “I think we have done well even in Brunei, considering here is a small market.” He added that there were sales of the four titles of the at recent events, the SOASCIS International Conference and the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) Knowledge Economy Forum, both held in UBD.

The author and UBD Chair Professor has also been invited to speak about his book at an event held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 20th November, where he anticipates to sell 400 copies. Although the central focus of the event is his book, Professor Datuk Dr Osman plans to bring along the other three titles of the UBD Press books to Malaysia for showcasing as well.

While making sales is important, Professor Datuk Dr Osman added that getting good reviews is essential to promoting the books and ensuring they get a good response from readers. He revealed that well-known education journal, the Muslim Education Quarterly, will be reviewing his book “Islamic Civilisation and the Modern World: Thematic Essays”, and Pg Dr Norhazlin’s book “The EducationSystem in Brunei Darussalam in Light of Al-Attas’ Philosophy of Education”, both of which focus their discussion on education.

“We have sent copies to various journals seeking reviews so that our UBD Press publications will be better known,” he said.

The next important development for UBD Press, he added, is that the next book will be co-published between UBD Press and Oxford University Press. “In February this year, we organized a workshop in Oxford, so we are going to print all the papers presented there. It will be co-edited by Professor Tariq Ramadan and us in SOASCIS,” he revealed.

“This is going to be a breakthrough (step) because UBD is working and co-publishing with a leading, famous university press. So this is a good development for UBD.”

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