SPECTACLE 2015: Art & Design Graduation Show Displays UBD's Creative Talents

Creative arts and designs by final-year students of the Art and Creative Technology (ACT) major are being put on display in a month-long art exhibition, starting April 8, at the Art Gallery in the Chancellor’s Hall and the new Art Studio in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) building.


The exhibition is open to the public in the afternoon starting at 2pm on 8th April 2014 and will conclude on Saturday, 16th May 2015. Gallery hours are from 9am to 7pm Monday through Thursday and Saturday, and the Art Gallery is closed on Friday and Sunday.


The Spectacle 2015 Art and Design Graduation Show is the third graduation exhibition to be organized by the ACT programme of FASS, UBD. The show would attracts art enthusiasts, and members of the public who are interested in viewing innovative paintings, murals, sculptures, photographs, computer graphics, videos, animations, graphic designs, product designs and installations. Through sensitivity, imagination, exploration and creativity, the students have applied their art and design abilities to create new means for expressing views and concepts involving subjects ranging from personal loss and struggle events to social issues and formal Western and Islamic art.


This year's graduation exhibition is professionally curated and displayed in the Art Gallery of the Chancellor’s Hall and the Art Studio of FASS Building in UBD. It offers visitors the opportunity to leisurely enjoy a kaleidoscope of innovative and visually striking art and design works.


"No matter what exhibition designs their capstone project express, they all carry a unique story or creative concept. These stories or concepts are told through well-executed original paintings, murals, sculptures, photographs, videos, computer graphics, animations, product designs and mixed media installations," said Prof. Kong Ho, associate professor of art and programme leader of Creative Arts and Communication (CAC).


The art and design works showcased in this year's Spectacle 2015 span a variety of themes,

including natural beauty, ethical values, personal suffering, social issues, and cultural heritage. Other timely themes are aesthetic beauty, nature preservation, animal protection, family fame, nostalgia, traditional crafts, abstract expression, art therapy, and imaginative animation. The individual artworks were produced using various materials such as acrylic paint, wire and mesh, wood, iron structures, clay, paper and cardboard, recycled and natural materials, digital print, and mixed media. Other diverse expressions in art have been created using a wide range of media and construction methods including, but not limited to mural painting, metal sculpture, paper-cutting, computer graphics, digital photography and print, video, animation, art installation and interactive art.


"This graduate exhibition proves how contemporary art and design can be a valuable component for connecting together this young generation's concerns through powerful visual art expressions”, said Dr. Martie Geiger-Ho, senior lecturer, CAC programme.


Other events related to this year's graduation exhibition will include a four-day gallery talk by the students that will be split up into eight groups, on a rotational basis. During the 15-minute gallery talks, the participating students will present the concepts and influences behind each of their own crafted piece and also explain how Bruneian culture shaped their work.


All gallery talks or student presentations are open to the public. Also, there will be a free-guided tour given to any interested school or organization. The first of these talks will be conducted by the first 12 participating students in the Art Gallery of the Chancellor’s Hall starting at 1:30pm to 4:30pm on Thursday, 9 April 2015. Then, there will be four more sessions of gallery talks presented by the rest of participating students on Tuesday, 14 April, and Thursday, 16 April 2015, from 1:30pm to 4:30pm; and Tuesday, 21st April 2015, from 9am to 12noon, and 1:30pm to 5pm.


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