Professor Kengo Shimanoe


Kengo Shimanoe has been a Professor at Kyushu University since 2005. He received the BE degree in Applied Chemistry in 1983 and the M. Eng. Degree in 1985 from Kagoshima University and Kyushu University, respectively. He joined Nippon Steel Corp. in 1985, and received his Dr. Eng. Degree in 1993 from Kyushu University. He has worked in the fields of functional inorganic materials including gas sensors, defect perovskite-type oxides, oxygen-separation membrane, electrode catalysts for oxygen-reduction or -evolution cathodes, and others. He is an active member of The Ceramic Society of Japan and The Electrochemical Society of Japan.

He has received the awards including: “Distinguished Paper Award in AIP (American Institute of Physics) for 2011” and “CerSJ Awards for academic achievements in ceramic science and technology (The Ceramic Society of Japan: Gakujutsu-sho) for 2017”. He has activities in scientific societies, such as Editorial Board Member in “Sensors and Materials”, Editorial Board Member in “Journal of Sensor Science and Technology”, Research Adviser in “National Institute for Material Sciences (NIMS)”, Session Organizer in “The Ceramic Society of Japan”, Organizer in “GOSPEL Workshop on Gas Sensors Based on Semiconducting Metal Oxides”, Scientific Committee in “International Workshop on Semiconductor Gas Sensors”, A member on the board in “Japan Association of Chemical Sensor”. His scientific activities include scientific papers of more than 300 (h-index 51 and Citation 9095 (google scholar)), 9 books, 22 reviews, 7 keynote-lectures and 68 invited talks.