Knowledge-sharing is one of the main aims of the establishment of KBFSC. Since May 1992, KBFSC was opened for use by visiting school-groups and university students participating in various educational progammes.

Residential Education Programme

The education programme is designed for the participation of secondary school students. The main aim of the programme is to create environmental awareness as well as to stimulate interest in environmental conservation and research among the young people of the country. The education programme is popular among secondary schools from all over the sultanate and have received students from overseas.

The programme comprises of a 4-day residential field course that introduces students to the various aspects of the rainforest. This encompasses biodiversity, features of the rainforest environment, the importance of biodiversity conservation and its sustainable use.

Further information:

Teaching Venue for Universities

Field courses

Since 1992, KBFSC has often been used by UBD for teaching some of its graduate and undergraduate programmes. The Biology Programme of UBD has extensively been using KBFSC as a venue for its Field Ecology courses. Several foreign universities have also used KBFSC as a teaching venue for various field courses. They include Griffith University (Australia), University of Vienna (Austria), University of Würzburg (Germany), Queen Mary University of London (UK), Princeton University (US), Palacký and Ostrava Universities (Czech Republic).

Faculty courses

Other faculties of UBD have periodically used KBFSC for teaching modules in Environmental Policy, Geography, Education Management and Leadership. Making biodiversity as their theme, some faculties have even conducted courses in photography, art and design at KBFSC.

Study Visits

KBFSC have received numerous students from various foreign universities under “study abroad / summer programmes”. Students visit KBFSC to explore and learn about the rich biodiversity of the rainforest. Some of the participating universities include University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (USA), Rakuno Gakuen University (Japan), Kagawa University (Japan) and Universiti Malaya (Malaysia).