Executive Development Programme for Middle Management Offices

The Executive Development Programme for Middle Management Officers (EDPMMO) is an innovative training and development programme for middle management officers and executives in the public service. Developed with close consultation with JPA and ILIA, UBD, the EDPMMO will be facilitated by expert facilitators from UBD and from other organizations in two tracks namely ‘Leadership in Business and Management’ and ‘Innovative Public Administration’.

Objectives of the Programme

  • Build a shared understanding of the global scenarios, which will impact on the public sector and its administration.
  • Acquire tools and techniques on how the participants can better mobilise their organization to get ahead and deliver value to the stakeholders; and achieve transformational change in their workplace.
  • Impart knowledge and know-how in conceptualizing change, problem and issue identification in general, and for formulating, implementing and evaluating public sector performance, policies, projects and strategies.
  • Boost the participants’ leadership and management skills and improve their understanding of key organizational and business functions.
  • Prepare the participants to boost their performance at individual, team and at organizational level.


Intended Participants

The EDPMMO is for high-potential middle managers and executives (from the Government agencies) in their careers, who are:

  • Ready to move to a higher management level.
  • Willing to gain a wider international perspective.
  • Eager and strongly motivated to take on greater leadership challenges.
  • Demonstrate strong intellectual ability and interpersonal skills.


Key Benefits and Learning Outcomes

The EDPMMO is designed to be a critical learning platform for the participants where their administrative, management and leadership skills and competencies shall be further polished. Many of the programme activities rely on peer learning which encourages a healthy discussion on salient government, global and current issues which impacts on their individual organizations.

It is intended that the participants shall be able to further enhance their own personal career development in the process of participating in this programme as well as to coach their own subordinates in the workplace to build a high performance team for organizational efficiency and effectiveness.