Executive Development Programme for Senior Government Officers

Over the past few years, senior executives of the Government sector from various government departments and organisations have participated in the Executive Development Programme for Senior Government Officers (EDPSGO) provided by Universiti Brunei Darussalam with close consultation with Public Service Department (JPA) through its training and research institute, ILIA. The purpose of the programme is to strengthen their individual and organizational performance. The quality and usefulness of the EDPSGO have been demonstrated by the achievements of its Alumni in exercising excellence in leadership and having been recognized for their contribution.

This 8-week training programme (including Weekends and Public Holidays) is normally carried out once a year. However, in the future such programmes may be carried out more frequently in order to cater to the increasing programme demand.  The programme has been designed to support the achievement of the Wawasan 2035. One of the key elements of national strategy in the achievement of Brunei’s Wawasan 2035 is an institutional development strategy which will ‘enhance good governance in public and private sectors, high quality public services, modern and pragmatic legal and regulatory frameworks and efficient government procedures that entail a minimum of bureaucratic “red tape”’. In support of this Wawasan 2035 institutional development strategy, the Institute of Leadership, Innovation and Advancement (ILIA), Universiti Brunei Darussalam is committed to the development of our clients (public and private sectors) in the areas of leadership and innovation through the provision of training and consultancy.


Programme Objectives

  • Strengthen leadership performance of the participants of the programme;
  • Facilitate the establishment of a leadership pipeline for succession planning in the public sector;
  • Nurture transformational leadership among the participants to serve as role models to others outside the programme;
  • Inject fresh, innovative and creative methodologies into this transformational leadership process;
  • Share knowledge pertaining to current real-life approaches and practices of public sector management, policy and governance with the participants to improve their understanding of global and local governments and their environments;
  • Provide a platform for upgrading and improvement of the participants’ technical, conceptual, cognitive, personal, social skills;
  • Impart knowledge and know-how in conceptualizing change, problem and issue identification in general, and formulating, implementing and evaluating public sector performance, policies, projects and strategies;
  • Increase the participants’ awareness of the tools and techniques for transforming their organization through modern governance, strategic management and innovation within a paradigmatic and evolving world;
  • Enhance the participants’ world view and perspectives of the participants to be global leaders and citizens, and
  • Provide a real-life experience of community developments locally abroad and in understanding the different dimensions of governance systems in successful countries.


Intended Participants:

EDPSGO curriculum is specifically targeted to a small group of proven senior leaders of the government sector who need further development. The maximum number for participants in the programme is 30.

The nomination of the participants be made through a special nominee application process designed by JPA to ensure that the participants are of the right calibre and have the potential to be developed into transformational leaders.

Each nominee should provide a personal statement and resume as well as any other additional information to strengthen their application (including their records of management training).