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‘Innovation is the basis for the new venture creation, and it is vital to the development of education, economic growth, and development of research.’


For realisation of this innovation, the provision of new resources and infrastructure should be planned and arranged with a particular strategy. These includes such as recruiting potential researchers and scholars as well as exploring and exploiting new tools and infrastructure needed to translate innovation into success.

  • Recruit, and support the next generations of researches, scholars and talented as well as diverse graduate students who very committed and will focus on the exploration of new knowledge and are capable to produce high-impact research at higher rate. This includes providing, developing, and investing for infrastructure that value, tools, and activities for faculty and staff, that value institutional goals of diversity, excellence and continuous improvement.
  • Increase high-impact research, scholarship and creative expression by improving infrastructure for patent filing and encourage publication of research papers.
  • Expanding in investment of financial aid, support programmes, and interdisciplinary research as interprofessional education, scholarship and practice among arts, entrepreneurships and sciences. This is to ensure in expanding and enhancing the contributions and infrastructure of faculties and centres towards research and to leverage industry funding.
  • Maintains strong relationship with stakeholders and employers to constantly refine their curriculum design and activities to match industry demands.

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