Living in Brunei

The local climate and dress code

The temperature in Brunei ranges between 28°C and 32°C, with high humidity and heavy rainfall. You should only need to pack light-wear clothing in general. The local dress code should be observed and we encourage modest attires on and off campus. So make sure you bring the right clothes with you!

Religious and language practices

The main religion in Brunei Darussalam is Islam, which is reflected in the day to day life of Bruneians. However, the population has the freedom to practice other religions. Meanwhile, the main language spoken in the country is Brunei Malay and English. Other Borneo languages such as Iban, Dusun and Kedayan, and variations of Chinese are also largely spoken in the Sultanate.

Cost of living

Students are encouraged to manage their finances to include accommodation, books, food, travelling and social life. We advise students to allocate $500.00 Brunei Dollars a month to ensure our students are financially secure and comfortable throughout their stay at the university.

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