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Greetings and Welcome to the Office of Promotion and Events Management (OPEM)

We are a corporate body of Universiti Brunei Darussalam and we specialise in event management, advertising and product designs such as souvenirs and stationaries. But more importantly though, we specialise in helping your organisation and/or business be distinctive.

Be different. It is our humble philosophy. We deliver uniqueness because we want your brand and corporate identity to stand out. Our office will always deliver outstanding quality and creative work that will meet your specific demands and criteria.

In a world of unfettered imitations and clones, you will need an edge – something more – that says you are brilliant. We are glad to be here to help and we believe, with absolute certainty, that nothing is impossible.


At OPEM, we understand that advertising must meet professional standards and must also have a “wow” factor that attracts. Our creative director an designers will do their utmost best to ensure that your advertisement becomes the unique gateway to your event/product success. In short, we will ensure that your advert will draw the right crowd you need.

Event Management

Do you need an event in less than a month? And it must have awe-inspiring structures and designs? And it must fit your tight budget? And it must generate results for your KPIs?

Be rest assured that we can help you because we have done it countless times. OPEM will deliver exactly to your specifications, draw the crowd to your event and have them leave happy and satisfied.

Stationaries and Souveniers

OPEM prides itself in gorgeous stationary and souvenir designs. We personally source all our materials from across Asia to make certaion that the products you buy are of excellent quality and also at exceptionally affordable prices.

We can make anything you want and we will ensure that whoever holds a piece of your company/organisation will remember you fondly for it.

We firmly believe that the vision and desire of our clients comes first. And we believe that you should not tuck away your uniqueness – your identity – under the cover of ill-fitting designs. But do not just take our word for it. Come visit us and see it for yourself. We promise you that anything you can dream of is possible.

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Office of Promotion and Events Management

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