Universiti Brunei Darussalam offers an extensive range of lifelong learning opportunities through modules and programmes following a flexible study and learning approach. The courses follow a blended learning approach providing you with video lectures, topic notes, online discussions and assessments. Our lifelong learning modules are available individually, or as a programme, providing you with a specialisation pathway to graduate with a diploma or degree.

      • Online video lectures and offline sessionsStudents have access to digital resources allowing you to study at your own pace, anytime and anywhere

      • Flexible study pace
        Study at your own pace and in your free time with offline classes held in the evenings or weekends

      • Learn from Industry and Academic experts
        Learn from industry and academic experts alongside classmates of diverse professional backgrounds

      • Pathway towards higher education
        Our specialisation modules enable you to follow a pathway towards a diploma or degree qualification

These modules can also be taken as short courses which are available individually and credits obtained can be used towards achieving a diploma or degree qualification.


Contact: office.c3l@ubd.edu.bn
Website: http://www.ubd.edu.bn/c3l

Online registration dates: 5th November to 16th December 2018


Modules offered in January 2019

BSc in Digital Economy

Principles and Practice of Photography and Photojournalism

Tourism: Concepts and Models

Programming Fundamentals 1

Principles of Business and Management

Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence

Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance

Introduction to Accounting

Marketing Management

Communication Skills 1: Academic Reading and Writing Skills

Brand Management (Prerequisites: Completed and passed BB-2204 Marketing Management or is working/employed in Marketing field)

Innovation and Entrepreneurship II

Consumer Behaviour

Business Information Systems

Electronic Business

Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation

Business Startup: Brunei Context

Business Research Methods

Interpersonal and Public Communication for the Workplace

Melayu Islam Beraja

Master of Government

Civil Service, Law & Government

Islamic Epistemology & Research Methods

Action Learning for Professional Development

Islamic Governance & Leadership

Islam and Society

The Negara System of Government

Contact: anni.mohamad@ubd.edu.bn
Website: http://ihs.ubd.edu.bn/masters/

Online registration dates: 15th November to 15th December 2018


Modules offered in January 2019

Master of Public Health

HH-5104 Health Services Policy and Management

HH-5301 Non-communicable Disease Epidemiology and Control

HH-5302 Communicable Disease Epidemiology and Control

HN-5202 Maternal and Child Health Nursing

HH-5101 Statistical Methods in Public Health

Online registration dates: 15th May to 15th June 2019


Modules offered in August 2019

Master of Public Health

HH-5101 Statistical Methods in Public Health

HH-5102 Principles of Epidemiology

HH-5103 Behavioural Health Sciences

HH-5015 Environmental and Occupational Health

Website: http://shbie.ubd.edu.bn/


Modules offered in January 2019

Master of Education by Coursework
Contact: huichuan.li@ubd.edu.bn

Technology, Pedagogy, Content Knowledge & Blended Learning

Kreativiti dan Innovasi dalam Pendidikan Bahasa

Penaksiran dalam Pendidikan Bahasa

Master of Teaching
Contact: roslinawati.roslan@ubd.edu.bn

Mathematics and Science in the Early Years

Technology, Pedagogy, Content Knowledge

Innovation and Change in Higher Education

Contact: office.lc@ubd.edu.bn
Website: http://lc.ubd.edu.bn

Courses offered in January 2019

English Language and Communication Skills


Borneo Languages