Mature Students

In Universiti Brunei Darussalam, mature students are those who are of 26 years of age and above. They may have left university for more than four years, or they may have recently graduated from other educational institutes after completing their Higher National Diplomas. Either way, the university as an institute that promotes life-long learning encourages mature students to join the university by streamlining application procedures, courses offered, and other available facilities with other students in the university.

Open days and Freshers’ Week

Mature students are welcome to attend the Open Days and/or Freshers’ Week in the university to familiar themselves with studying options, courses offered, and facilities including housing and sport facilities available in campus for their convenience. Find the link for next Freshers’ Week here.

Entrance qualification

The entrance qualification for mature students is the same as other students. Information on the academic qualification required to make an application to the university can be found here.

Making an application

All applications can be done online. Click here to be directed to the application system for both local and international mature students.


Mature local and international students are subjected to the same requirements when applying for financial support to study at UBD. Find more information on financial support here.


The in-campus accommodation is open to all students. However, due to the vast number of applications submitted by UBD students annually, it is advisable that you complete the accommodation application as soon as possible. 

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