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Few main focus on GenNEXT curriculum through Discover Year, in other to prepares students to be industry-ready are as follow:

Accelerates Learning

Students are exposed to holistic environments that can act as a stimulant to prepare them to face the reality of job experience. Therefore, they are able to ‘learn by doing’ which encourages high observation and critical learning through the experience they receive.

Provides a dynamic learning environment

The Discovery Year, in particular, is a platform which acts as simulations for the students that use real life scenarios that depict several challenges, which they will eventually face after they graduate. Students obtain plenty of opportunities to work o industry projects, thus giving them practical training in time management, decision making and problem solving.

Increases Engagement Levels

Our students will not only learn, but also increases engagement levels of students as experiential learning allows students to be directly mentored by experienced professionals in their field of expertise and network of active individuals in their target industries, as well as helps students identify and cultivate their interest and strengths and acquire the knowledge, experiences and relationships necessary to pursue their aspirations with imagination and integrity that will equipped the students with future-industry skills required in a rapidly changing global workplace.

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