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UBD CoNECT acts as a networking platform for members of the university with potential employment and industry resources on national and global levels. It aims to support the goals of each individual as well as the goals of employers, the university, the nation, and the global community. The Centre strives to assist students and alumni members to move forward in their roles by providing resources and connections that support progressive career directions.



  • For students : UBD CoNECT provides a full spectrum of services from self-exploration and decision-making to understanding career options, knowing how to prepare for the working world to making significant contributions to employers and the community.
  • For employers: to understand their complex needs and facilitate a variety of ways for them to connect with UBD students and alumni.

Through these, we hope to simultaneously support the individual dreams and goals of our students and alumni and also to serve the university’s broader responsibilities and mission.


Services Offered

CoNECT team offers various services for both students, alumni and employers.

  • For Students and alumni:
    • Career and job search counseling;
    • Campus recruiting program;
    • Maintaining database of available job and required skills and made available online for UBD students and graduates;
    • Database of job seekers (UBD graduates) and skills matching (to develop online tool);
    • Scouting prospective employers and arrange;
    • Career fairs or career carnival (once or twice a year);
    • Research to identify knowledge and skills gaps, and success of the graduates, which will give feedback to UBD programmes;
    • Regular workshops/training on resume writing, interviewing, motivation, communication, leadership, entrepreneurship, IT, etc.
    • Other skills training as indicated by common skills gaps identified
    • (Training programmes will be made available online with blended teaching and learning approach)
  • For employers:
    • Provide platforms to advertise job vacancies for UBD students
    • Internship scheme
    • Sponsorship and endorsement
    • Recruitment presentation
    • Provide spaces for interview sessions
  • For Faculty & Staff:
    • Providing in-campus career support tailored to the specific needs of the faculty, department, and student organizations.
    • E.g. Co-organizing workshops and talks, and assisting in advertising for in-campus vacancies.


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