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Logo consists of seven elements arranged in seven positions using colours, together with the motto “Towards Human Excellence”. It symbolizes the University’s quest for excellence within the context of the state of Brunei Darussalam, which subscribes to the concept of a Malay Islamic Monarchy Polity.

The number 7 signifies the omniscience and omnipotence of God. In Him all knowledge resides.

The foremost element is the Holy Quran in green binding signifying Islam as the official religion of the nation. Its open pages facing upwards signify hat the Holy Book represents an infinite source of knowledge. The borders of those pages may be seen as steps of a ladder, which indicate the kind of systematic and incremental effort needed to achieve any desired goal. The uppermost placement of the Holy Quran further points to the role of Islam as the supreme foundation for all activities. 

The second element, the name Universiti Brunei Darussalam, written in black jawi script of the Kufic type overlaying a white background, reveals its identity. THe white signifies integrity and purity. Placed immediately beneath the Holy Quran, it represents UBD’s hope of obtaining direct guidance from the Most High in its efforts to reach its goals.

The third elements consist of the nib of a pen employed in forming the Jawi Letters “ya, ba and dal”, acquired in order to seek and advance knowledge and to make all the other efforts the sovereignty of Malay Monarchy. Furthermore, the Jawi script points to the rise of the Malay race guided by Islam since its arrival in the region.

The fourth element is made up of a stylised blue circle formed by the letters UBD and is emblematic of the University’s desire for Brunei Darussalam to stand in the position of absolute equality with all other nations. The deep blue colour symbolises  the inexhaustible expanse of divine knowledge. So vast is it that were the oceans to be filled with ink, to write about it would drain them dry.

The fifth element, the red emblem against a royal yellow background is derived from the national flag and depicts the sovereignty of Malay Monarchy. Its central position indicates encompasses mutual relationship among its citizens and Sultan as the supreme defender and leader of the nation.

The sixth element comprises the stylised golden shoots of paddy in the form of a lighted candle. It represents the hope for peace and prosperity which is viewed as attainable only through learning and enlightment. The five shoots also represents the five pillars of Islam.

The seventh element consists of a green crescent placed beneath the other elements of the logo. It represents Islam as the foundation, the context and the regulator of the nation’s way of life. Within this context, the University’s motto “TOWARDS HUMAN EXCELLENCE” is the be realised.

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