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“Coming to UBD was a ‘risky’ choice for me at the beginning as I didn’t know much about Brunei. This uncertainty was immediately dispelled the minute I step foot in Brunei. It was an amazing experience. I strongly encouraged you to take this ‘risky’ choice to study at UBD”

Mr Sinil Lee, Sejong University


Living and studying in Brunei has opened my eyes to a range of perspectives and ideas. Being taught by faculty members from around the world brings unique insights and expertise into the classroom and enables interesting discussions and exchanges of ideas. Living on campus has been convenient for attending classes and utilising university facilities. I hope all incoming students gain new understandings from their time at UBD”

Alana Tolman, Australia National University


“Highly recommend student exchange at UBD to anyone who is finding the goals and dreams in life.  It is an once-in-a-lifetime experience. I can go into forests and do researches with the experts.  It broadens my horizons and boosts up my professional knowledge.  With major in Environmental Management and Technology, I find my goals and ways to pursue my dreams after doing researches about the invasive plant species in Brunei.  This short stint in UBD is my invaluable key to make my dreams come true. “

Ada Yuen Fuk Wai, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology



Global Discovery Programme

The GDP is UBD’s flagship summer programme that has been running since 2011 under the Continuing Education Centre. Currently we have several structured (fixed GDPs) as per below:

GDP: Discover Brunei Course (DBC) Period:

  1. 28 January – 24 February 2019
  2. 7 August – 3 September 2019


GDP: Global Leadership Summer School (GLSS) Period:

  1. 2 July – 29 July 2019

The DBC has been running for about 6 years now which is a blended learning of lectures and excursions, here participants will be able to get the true Bruneian experience and gain deeper understanding of the local way of life, customs and economy through exciting rainforest adventures and visits to relevant places of interest. The DBC encompasses four weekly themes which are:

  • Language and Culture
  • History of Brunei
  • Green Science
  • Business and Industry 

For the GLSS, it will be almost similar to the DBC with the addition of Asian Studies but with a bigger number of participants. 

Other than our fixed GDP, we also do customised GDPs, where their contents and period are customisable for their convenience. These GDPs are such as:

GDP: Intensive English Proficiency Course
GDP: Discover Malay Culture

Course dates/periods are customisable and will run depending on the no. of student. For more information, kindly email at

*Please note their names may vary depending on the content and period. 

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