Research Thrusts

UBD’s research efforts are being realized through innovative partnerships with leading international universities and enterprises. This is being enabled by our priority research themes for UBD Vision 2020.

Biodiversity Research - To contribute towards sustainable use and conservation of tropical biodiversity and ecosystems

Brunei Darussalam is abundant in natural wealth, both in the pristine tropical forests and the rich, unexplored marine landscapes. As one of the top forested nations in the world, Brunei’s forests are among the most diverse on Earth. Recent studies revealed over 160,000 trees from more than 1,000 different species exist within a 25-hectare forest dynamics plot at UBD’s premier international field research facility, the Kuala Belalong Field Studies Centre (KBFSC). Records of new plant, animal, and microbial species discovered from the Sultanate continue to expand significantly. Bioprospecting of novel chemicals and therapeutic agents, environmental studies and research on marine biodiversity are also key strengths of biodiversity research at UBD.

Contact persons: Dr. Norhayati Hj Ahmad & Dr Faizah binti Haji Metali

Energy Research - To create a low carbon society in Brunei

Brunei Darussalam’s oil and gas industry continues to be the heart of the country’s economy but it aims to lower carbon emission through the use of technology. UBD has energy research as one of its priority areas, which contributes to the economic diversification of Brunei Darussalam and innovates ways for the reduction of carbon emission. These objectives are achieved through the development and deployment of advanced materials. The energy and material science research initiative encourages collaborations with regional universities to facilitate multidisciplinary energy research.

Contact persons: Dr. Lim Chee Ming & Dr. Rosnah Abdullah

Asian Studies - To develop insight into key issues of importance in Asia

Strategically located in Asia, Brunei Darussalam has access to a wealth of resources and knowledge that enables UBD to establish research initiatives focused on historical, economic, cultural and social issues in the region. Through its collaborations with other major centres of Asian Studies, UBD provides a vibrant and dynamic research environment for international scholars and Bruneian academics to engage in joint research projects, generating world-class research on those issues.

Contact persons: AP Dr Bruno Jetin & Dr Dk Noor Hasharina Binti Pg Hj Hassan

Islamic Studies - To be a key hub for Islamic knowledge and multidisciplinary research

With special focus on Islamic Governance, Islamic Civilization, Islamic Finance, Management, and Science, Technology and Education (including Halal Industries), Islamic Studies aims to serve as a key hub for community empowerment through education, research, and engagement. It brings local, regional and international expertise together to address perennial issues relevant to contemporary Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Islamic Studies offers ways in which Muslim states and communities can be defined in terms of their place and role in the global context, and for non-Muslim communities to better understand the Islamic worldview.

Contact persons: Professor Amin Abdul Aziz, Dr Mahani binti Hj Hamdan & Pg Dr Norhazlin bte Pg Hj Muhammad

Data Analytics - To become the focal point for Big Data Analytics in the region

Data analytics is an emerging area that has widespread applications in different sectors; such as health care, education, finance, communication and the oil and gas sector. UBD’s Institute of Applied Data Analytics has gathered a core team of experts in optimization and predictive analytics. UBD faculties and other research institutes within and beyond UBD can collaborate with this team to undertake quality research in their respective fields. The focus of the Institute is to enable multidisciplinary collaboration among experts within UBD whilst strengthening the Data Analytics expertise of the Institute.

Contact persons: Dr Hj Abd Ghani bin Hj Naim & Pg Dr Mohamad Iskandar bin Pg Hj Petra

Sensor Technology Research – to develop sensors for food security, environmental and health monitoring applications

Sensor technology cover a wide spectrum of research topics in almost all areas of science, technology and many other disciplines. This group focuses on developing sensors for use in the key areas of Food Security & Smart Farming, Environment and Weather Monitoring using IoT (Internet of Things) and Health Monitoring. The pool of research capabilities that can be developed in this group will provide a competitive edge in training and educating students, staff and technical personnel that can support the development of a knowledge-based economy for Brunei Darussalam.

Catalysis Research – to develop high-impact and innovative research in catalysis technologies

Catalysis is the speeding up of a reaction by a catalyst material. Many major industries around the world utilise catalysis technology; from petrochemical refinery, photovoltaic systems for solar energy, biofuel and hydrogen fuel production, to food and pharmaceutical manufacturing. These industries are identified for Brunei’s economic diversification and most of them involve catalysis as their core technology. Hence, catalysis research and capacity building is pivotal for Brunei’s future economic diversification.

Contact persons: Prof Chandratilak De Silva Liyanage & Pg Dr Emeroylariffion bin Pg Hj Abas

Herbal Research – to investigate the biological, chemical and pharmacological properties of local medicinal plants

Owing to the geographical position of Brunei Darussalam, there is a wealth of unique flora and fauna, which may hold the potential to supply bioactive natural products of high commercial value. Based on traditional folklore, a number of local plants have been used to relieve common ailments such as fatigue, diarrhoea, high cholesterol and sugar levels, minor cuts and bruises, either by consuming the plants or using them as ointments and creams. However, there is little scientific evidence to support these claims. This research area focuses on investigating the biological, chemical and pharmacological properties of these local medicinal plants.

Contact persons: Dr. Norhayati Hj Ahmad & Dk Dr Nurolaini Pg Haji Muhd Kifli

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