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The Discovery Year is a capstone period between 4-12 months for students to be directly involved in experiential learning. It is mandatory for students to leave the university compound to seek opportunities for hands-on learning outside of the campus. Students car choose from four options including studying abroad/student exchange in partner/non-partner universities, be involved in community outreach efforts both locally and regionally, gain internship placements in both local and international industries, and start incubation projects such as initiating start-up businesses.

The options for the Discovery year encourages students to be independent, proactive and courageous in their perusal of knowledge and skills that are relevant for their career progression and building of the foundation for being respective industry-relevance.

Studying outside the campus is highly encouraged in the university which is not limited to the Discovery Year. Students have ample opportunities to obtain knowledge from other institutes outside of the university compound such as the Kuala Belalong Field Studies Centre (KBFSC). Experts who are not academics from UBD are also significant contributors to the knowledge community in the university. Sharing platforms such as the Wednesday Seminar Series and Eminent Visiting Professorship scheme was established for the purpose of knowledge dissemination among the university community and international experts in respective fields.

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