Guild of Graduates

Guild of Graduates is an association that caters to the need of the university in getting all former graduates to give back to the institution. The association plays a major role in creating unity and at the same time providing leadership and new opportunities that benefit fellow alumni and the university as a whole in terms of time, expertise and financial support.

It was first established in 1990 and have continued to plan and organise events and activities for the benefit of current students and our especially fellow alumni including:

Leadership courses for PMUBD Council members

  • Consultation for Students
  • Career Fairs
  • Talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk events
  • Career profiling

The Board of Executive Guild of Graduates

Muhammad Nuriskandar bin Mohd Hasnan
President of the Guild
Nazihah binti Mohd Ibrahim
Honorable Tresurer
Siti Ajeerah @ Juvina Aimi binti Najib @ Najip
Vice President of Projects and Alumni Advancement

Norhafizah Rabiatul Adawiyah Noorazmi

Executive of Education and Special Guild Ambassador

Siti Nazihah binti Haji Nooradin
Vice President of Administration and Corporate Deputy Secretary
Awg Syahwal Nizam bin Haji Yani
Executive of Sport and Logistics
Gary Goh Toh Zen
Vice President of Membership
Awg Abu Hurairah bin Haji Mohamad
Executive of Media
Dyg Adibah binti Md Ja’afar
Honorable Secretary
Dyg Nur Syifa’ Aliyah binti Md Faisal
Executive of Publicity
Muiz bin Haji Hasbi / Haji Bini
Deputy Secretary [Parliamentarian]
Siti Faahirah binti Haji Rozaimee
Executive of Leadership
Rayyand bin Rosland
Executive of Business Development

Contact Information

Alumni and current students are welcome to visit us at:

Guild of Graduates Office,
Ground Floor,Student Affairs Building,
Universiti Brunei Darussalam

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