UBD Centre of Networking, Employment and Career Training, otherwise known as UBD CoNECT, was established with the career preparation for students in mind. Students will need more than just a paper to be marketable in the workplace and UBD CoNECT is committed to act as a platform to provide the extra elements needed by students to be readily absorbed into the job market.

Students can enhance their skills by taking part in Career Planning and Development Sharing sessions and Alumni Conversation organised by UBD CoNECT. There are also Career Fairs and a list of Featured Companies in the centre’s website for further enquiries and future events to sharpen your competitive edge in securing your dream career.

Students and Alumni of UBD can also find information on local current vacancies, part-time placements on campus and-off campus, and apprenticeship programmes which allows the UBD CoNECT page to be a one-stop career preparation and searching site.

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