The GenNEXT programme has produced marketable graduates who are equipped with trans-disciplinary knowledge, cultural sensitivity and ample skills which are needed in the workplace. The flexibility of the curriculum encourages students to make their own decision in developing their skills and pursing their inclination on the basis of their individual learning styles. Independent learning, coupled with the many specialized skills and knowledge, and mentored by experts in the intuition molds an individuals who are job ready. Consequently, UBD graduates to enter the workforce with confidence, proactivity and focus, allowing further personal and professional growth to be tomorrow’s leaders in the society.

The Office of Alumni Relations and Advancement (OARA) and UBD Center of Networking, Employment and Career Training (UBD CoNECT) are actively engaging with UBD alumni to provide assistance in career-related activities and networking opportunities, and simultaneously monitor the progression and assimilation of alumni into the workplace. To date, UBD graduates have chosen career paths in many of the leading sectors in Brunei Darussalam including Education, Oil and Gas, Media and Communication, Banking and Finance, Wholesale and Retail and Services.

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