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Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Institute of Education (SHBIE) is a Graduate Faculty in Universiti Brunei Darussalam. SHBIE has been successfully preparing teachers for over 50 years. As the needs of schools and society have changed, so has our Institute. From a humble beginning in 1956 as Maktab Perguruan (Teacher Education College), the Institute has grown to become a Graduate School of Education in 2009.

As a graduate school, SHBIE offers graduate programmes featuring high quality instruction and an academic curriculum designed to raise teaching standards and support effective school systems.


SHBIE is the premier teacher training institute in Brunei Darussalam comprising of a truly international faculty of educational professionals with extensive overseas and local teaching and research experience representing a comprehensive range of expertise, which such collaborative dedicated to improve lives and expand opportunities through comprehensive study and effective practice of education.

SHBIE is unwavering in its commitment to shape the future by educating its students to become teachers of highest quality trained in the best practices.

The Institute’s main purpose is the preparation of primary, secondary and technical school teachers and educational administrators. In addition, it provides introductory courses related to more specialized educational roles such as guidance and counselling, remedial teaching and curriculum design.


SHBIE offers the assurance that the depth of learning through its programmes and the relevance of its research will raise teaching standards and support effective school systems. For anyone considering a career in education, SHBIE promises a superb introduction through its Master of Teaching programme which is designed to be a world-class preparation for teaching. For those already engaged in education, SHBIE’s Master and Doctorate programmes will help to take their careers to the next level of performance and satisfaction. In addition, SHBIE offers comprehensive, school-based professional development consultancy. SHBIE provides a supportive, collaborative and stimulating international environment where all are able to achieve to the best of their potential.

SHBIE’s research strength is in design-based research in education, which involves the creation, enactment, and refinement of educational tools – curricular materials and instructional strategies – and the development of explanatory frameworks about the process of learning and the factors that support it. The outcomes of this research are of international interest. Design-based research combines theory and practice from a range of perspectives.

Action research methodology involving teachers and researchers in developing systematic bodies of pedagogical knowledge offers the opportunity to contribute to the field of design while simultaneously improving the quality of national education systems for the 21st Century. All areas of the curriculum at all levels of the education system are available as contexts for study with SHBIE to develop reliable explanatory frameworks to improve the processes of learning and teaching.

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