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Research Graduate Courses

Applicants of this route are expected to conduct independent research with minimal supervision from expert academics in the university. The duration of study for a full-time Master’s Degree by research graduate is a minimum of 12 months whilst for the Doctor of Philosophy programme, the minimum duration of study is 36 months. Part-time graduates typically take twice the time. Upon completion, dissertation of up to 60, 000 words are expected for Master’s degree graduates, and up to 100, 000 words for Doctor of Philosophy graduates are expected.

Coursework Graduate Courses

Applicants for coursework graduate courses typically have to take a number of core modules and optional modules as their means to increase their knowledge in a specific area of specialty that they are interested in. The courses are taught by knowledgeable staff members of the university including professional academics and Doctor of Philosophy candidates whose field of expertise and research intersect with the area of study.

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