Undertaking graduate studies at UBD means membership in a diverse and thriving academic environment which has partnerships worldwide with internationally renowned universities. The university has a progressive and cutting-edge research culture which is intellectually stimulating and academically demanding.
At UBD, we know that students choose to enter graduate study for a myriad of different reasons, and we are deeply committed to supporting our students’ aspirations and enhancing their skills and employability.
A global university, tackling global problems – UBD works throughout the world with partners in education, business, healthcare, development, philanthropy and government to finds solutions to some of humankind’s most pressing issues, and to undertake groundbreaking research across the academic spectrum.
To give opportunities to widen the scope of working population with graduate level education, UBD is introducing graduate programmes that students can take either from the workplace or home, with their own pace and through different pathways. With a work-integrated learning approach and the use of technology, these more effective and efficient programmes will be offered at Master level starting from August 2017.

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