Deferment of Admission

What is deferment of admission?

Deferment of admission is granted for intentional occasions in which a student chooses not to begin his or her studies at UBD in the semester/intake for which he or she is admitted.

Example of acceptable reasons for deferment

  • Delay in scholarship approval
  • Illness or health reasons substantiated by a doctor’s written confirmation
  • National duty
  • Visa application issues
  • Bereavement

Instructions and Deadline

  • Deferment is only available for applicants that have received an offer of admission into UBD
  • If your deferment is approved, you will be required to pay UBD acceptance fee of BND$100 (non-refundable).
  • Deferment of admission request must be submitted by the deadline stipulated.
Admission Intake Latest date for requesting a deferral
August 31 July
January 31 December
  • Submission of a deferment of admission request by the deadline is not a guarantee of approval. If a deferment of admission request is denied, the student has the option to either withdraw and reapply for a future intake, or commence studies in the semester to which he or she is admitted.
  • Deferment of admission may be requested for one or two semesters. Deferment of admission is not granted for more than a maximum of one year.
  • Admitted transfer and bridging students are not eligible for deferred admission.
  • Admitted students who are granted a deferment will receive a new student registration number.
  • For graduate research degrees, deferment of admission will be dependent upon agreement from the proposed supervisor/s who will need to consider if appropriate supervision will still be available.
  • If a student is granted deferment of admission, the University cannot guarantee the following for the deferred semester of entry:
    • That there will be availability of supervision (graduate degrees)
    • That the degree / programme will remain open
    • That the degree / programme will not be amended

If supervision were to become unavailable or the degree / programme were to close following the approval of a deferred admission, the University will inform the student that it has become necessary for them to withdraw the offer of a place.

How to apply?

Deferment for admission request can be made by selecting ‘Defer’ as your response to the offer in OASys.

Payment of Acceptance Fee can be made by registering for our UBD e-Payment facility

Instructions for e-payment
1. Register for the facility at the link
2. Select Payable Item to see acceptance fee.
3. Select acceptance fee (tick in the box on the left)
4. Click pay and follow the instructions in the system to complete the paying process

Returning from deferment

Attend Freshers’ Week

All students returning from a deferment are required to attend an orientation session or Freshers’ Week prior to registering and commencing studies. Returning students are advised to contact the Office of Admissions and Student Records for the dates of the session at least a month before the start of the deferral semester.

Registration Number

All students returning from a deferment will be issued a new registration number by the Office of Admissions and Student Records.


After being granted approval for deferment of admission, can I change my mind and attend the University before my deferred semester?
If deferment of admission request is approved and the student decides to attend before your deferral semester, the student can contact the Office of Admissions and Student Records for his or her options.

I am a registered student at the University, can I apply for a deferment?
Current students may apply for a Leave of Absence. Please see your Faculty Assistant Registrar for more information.

I cannot return for the deferral semester, can I request for an extension of the deferment?
Request for an extension of an approved deferment can be made in writing to the Office of Admissions and Student Records within the submission deadline for the deferred semester. The request must be for a period within the maximum of one year from the semester of the initial offer of admission. Submission of an extension request by the deadline is not a guarantee of approval.