Frequently Asked Questions

After receiving my offer letter

1. Q : My offer letter states that I am fee-paying student, although I hold a yellow Brunei IC. What does that mean?
  A :

It either means you have yet to submit your scholarship application form so we are not able to process your application, OR, your application is currently still being considered by MOE.


Once your scholarship application has been approved, you will receive a scholarship award letter issued by UBD.


However, you will still need to pay for the registration fee, acceptance fee, insurance and PMUBD fees (if applicable).

2. Q : What if I would like to defer my admission?
  A : You can go to this link for more information on the deferment.


Freshers Week

3. Q : Where can I get a copy of the Freshers Week timetable/programme?
  A : It is available in CANVAS. Alternatively please visit PMUBD and Student Affairs Section UBD Instagram account as all information on Freshers Week will be posted there as well.
4. Q : Do I have to attend all the sessions?
  A :

Yes, you are required to attend all the sessions as it contains all the important information you need to know prior to the start of the semester. Attendance will be recorded.


The sessions will be done physically at UBD Chancellor Hall. However, if you are unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances please refer to the next question.


However, for graduate students (PhD & Masters), please refer to the FW timetable and take note of your faculty briefing (if the briefing is done on the first day). Other than that, you are only required to attend ‘Graduate Briefing’ session. However, you are most welcome to attend the other sessions.

5. Q : What if I can’t attend the whole Freshers Week?
  A :

You will need to write to the Student Affairs Section through the following email at stating your reason of absence.


You still need to make all the necessary payments and meet your Faculty Assistant Registrar for module registration matters.

6. Q : I am tested positive COVID-19 and currently undergoing self isolation, what should I do? I will miss the briefings.
  A :

We wish you a speedy recovery! Please take care and please stay at home while you are recovering.


Don’t worry as we will be sharing the information notes and information after each of the briefing in Canvas. Please check out Canvas from time to time as new info will be included.

7. Q : Is the Bicara Ulum Ad-Din for Muslim students only?
  A : No, this is open to non-Muslims as well.
8. Q : I used to be a UniBridge student and I have heard all the briefings before. Do I still have to attend Freshers Week?
  A : Yes, you are welcome to attend the sessions. There could be some new information presented which is not known to you before but crucial to know.



Fees, Insurance, Payments & Refund

9 Q : I am a Brunei Citizen and have applied for scholarship. Why does my offer letter state that my funding is fee-paying? Do I have to pay for the tuition fee?
  A :

Your scholarship application is still under review. Eligible student will receive a scholarship award letter. You don’t have to pay for the tuition fee until you get a scholarship confirmation/award letter.


10 Q : What payments do I have to make before joining UBD?
  A : Please refer to your offer letter for the payments that you need to make including the purchase of insurance coverage plan.
11 Q : Can I pay in cash since I do not own debit or credit cards?
  A :

Unfortunately, all payments need to be made through ePayment i.e. no cash transactions.


For any inquiry on ePayment system, please email: or visit our Finance Counter at Finance Office, Ground Floor, Administration Building, Universiti Brunei Darussalam during office hours.

12 Q : How can I make the ePayment?
  A :

Details and steps to make ePayment are available in your welcoming email.


For further information on registration for e-payment please refer to the FAQs on the page:

13 Q : Do I have to pay for Acceptance, Registration fee if I’m awarded a scholarship?
  A : Yes, you have to pay for those fee. Most scholarship does not cover those fee except for Brunei Darussalam Government Scholarship For Foreign Students Tenable In Brunei Darussalam (BDGS) by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
14 Q : Do I have to pay for the Persatuan Mahasiswa/i Universiti Brunei Darussalam (PMUBD) or UBD Students’ Association Fee?
  A :

It is compulsory if you are a Brunei Citizen who are taking undergraduate programme. Members can get many benefits from the Students’ Association. For more info, please go to


International or post-graduate student can opt not to pay or join the association.

15 Q : Can I pay the PMUBD Fees annually?
  A : For local undergraduate students, you have to pay for the duration of your programme. For more info or inquiries, please contact
16 Q : Can I purchase my insurance annually?
  A :

Local students need to purchase insurance for the whole duration of their study programme.


While international student can purchase by year.

17 Q : Can I claim insurance payments from my scholarship?
  A : Brunei Government Scholarship does not include insurance coverage.
18 Q : Why do I need to buy student insurance?
  A :

Safety is everyone’s responsibility.


By definition, accidents are unforeseen, so even the most cautious are occasional victims to a rogue coffee spillage. And sometimes, accidents can happen during classes or while doing your lab experiments or even while walking around the campus, which can incur huge medical expenses.


By purchasing insurance coverage, you are taking the steps to ensure that you have the means to ease the financial burden of your beneficiaries in the event of death, total permanent disablement, medical expenses and hospital allowance due to natural and illness or accidents.

19 Q : Do I have to buy another insurance if I am already covered by other insurance?
  A : You can share your insurance coverage with us for review and confirmation. Please email to
20 Q : When is the deadline for all payments and insurance purchase?
  A :

We highly encourage all students to settle all fee payments during Freshers Week. However we do understand that some may need time to settle all the payment. Please upload the relevant documents (receipts etc.) in the online registration form and submit the soonest as you have made the payment and obtain the receipts.


Delay in paying the fees, will delay your registration and getting your Student ID.

21 Q : What if I choose not to pay the acceptance fee and/or registration fee?
  A : You will not be able to register and get your Student ID. You might also have problem getting your certificate when you are graduating.

International Students

22 Q : Do I have to fly to Brunei for this semester since I am currently in my home country?
  A : For any admission or scholarship queries please contact / . For any student pass or visa queries, please contact