PhD (Digital Public Health)


by Research

Entry requirements

  1. A Master’s degree (or international equivalent) in a relevant discipline and preferably with 2 years of relevant work experience after graduation for the First Degree.
  2. The area can be either a STEM-related discipline (e.g. computer science, engineering) or a health related discipline (medicine, health sciences, nursing pharmacology, nutrition, dental, psychology, neuroscience and other allied health sciences or other relevant disciplines).
  3. An applicant with a First Class Honours degree or relevant qualifications from a recognized institution may be considered in exceptional cases.
  4. Must meet the language requirements stipulated by the University.
  5. Shortlisted applicants may be required to undergo an interview on a case-by-case basis.


  • Full Time: 36-60 months

  • Part Time: 48-84 months

Graduation Requirement

  1. Pass an examination of a 100,000 words thesis by internal and external examiners.
  2. Completion of two option modules (listed below)
  3. Submit at least two academic journal article or book chapter, of which one must be accepted and the other(s) submitted


At least two modules from the following list:

  1. HX-6301 Advanced Systematic Review and Meta-analysis in Health Sciences
  2. HX-6302 Advanced Quantitative Research Methods
  3. HX-6306 Advanced Computation for Health Data
  4. HX-6307 Advanced Machine learning for Healthcare Data
  5. HX-6308 Advanced Predictive Analytics for Healthcare Data

Course Fee

BND $ 2000 per semester


For more information on Digital Public Health Programmes at UBD, please contact Dr Hanif Abdul Rahman (

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