International Student Welfare

The Student Affairs Section provides international students with a wide range of student services and social as well as recreational programmes.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Facilitates international student application for health insurance and bank account
  • Assists in booking of university accommodations (if applicable), airport reception and airport transfer/transportation (if applicable)
  • Helps to facilitate international students’ needs and transition
  • Facilitates, monitors, manages and records students’ participation in International Students’ Club (ISC) activities
  • Provides a comprehensive programme to enhance students’ experiences in Brunei (e.g. meet & greet gathering, orientation programmes, sight-seeing tours, International Cultural Exchange Night with friends of UBD [buddy programme] etc.).
  • Collaborates with various agencies nationally and internationally in variety of programmes to enhance students’ development (e.g. in community outreach programmes, environmental issues, etc.).

Student pass and visa matters are handled by the International Student Unit.

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