Dr. Norhayati binti Haji Ahmad


Institute for Biodiversity and Environmental Research

Teaching Area
Developmental Biology, Cells, Biomolecules and Microbiology, New Era in Biosciences.

Current Research
Investigating the regenerative capabilities of the pancreas as a model to study Diabetes and the complications that arise from this disease such as diabetic nephropathy.

Research Interests
Cellular regeneration of the pancreatic beta cell.


  • N.Ahmad (2009) Temporal and Spatial Expression Patterns of Four Laminin Alpha Chains in Xenopus laevis. Journal of Biological Sciences. 9(2): 128-136.
  • N. Ahmad & R.W.Old (2009) Pancreatic duct cell transdifferentiation into insulin producing cells in a normal and regenerating mouse model. Regenerative Medicine. 4(6) (Suppl.2): S64.
  • Norhayati Ahmad. Development of the Pancreas and Beta Cell Maintenance and Renewal. Brunei Darussalam (2010).
  • Ang, J.M.A & Ahmad, N. (2011) Regenerative effects of Nigella sativa and its active component Thymoquinone on Alloxan induced diabetes in Wistar rats. ASEAN Journal on Science and Technology for Development. 28(1): 81-94.


Phone: +673 246 0923 ext 1385

Email: norhayati.ahmad@ubd.edu.bn

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