For 3rd Consecutive Year, Three UBD Short Films among Asia Rising 2023 Online Screening

Three short films from Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD): Spark, Granted, and Menanti (Waiting), which were screened in last year’s 5th edition PRISM UBD Short Film Festival, are now selected into part of the Asia Rising 2023 online screening organised by National University of Singapore (NUS).

The films were all made by Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) students in the Design and Creative Industries (DCI) programme. This is the third consecutive year that UBD has maximum 3 works (for each participating university) being screened in the annual online screening event across ASEAN countries. And this is also the first time for a UBD smartphone-made short film (Menanti) by DCI students to be screened in this regional film festival.

Following the successful inauguration of Asia Rising online screening in April 2021, which featured 10 student short films from De La Salle University (The Philippines), National University of Singapore, and UBD, Asia Rising 2023 online screening features 12 short films produced by students currently enroll in six universities among four ASEAN countries.

The theme of Asia Rising 2023 is ‘Portals and Passageway’, which invites creators to explore the invisible links hidden in our ordinary lives and view the world from a different angle. The purpose of Asia Rising 2023 online screening, as per the NUS organiser, is to “celebrate how Asia’s next generation of filmmakers captures on film, the moods and manners of our time.”

For the third consecutive year, FASS DCI students used this artistic platform to demonstrate their visual storytelling talents and explore the common concerns about reality and imagination in the intersection of our time and space.

In particular, the Granted crewmembers are: Mohammad Azhar Haji Mohammad Khir,
Siti Hafizah Abdullah Mohamdel Lazawardi, Ak Muhammad Azizul Hakiem Pg Abdul Rahim and Muhammad Alif Afiq Haji Hasmiewandi

The Menanti crewmembers are: Mur Jazmeen Farzana Amirnuddin, Dyg Siti Nur Izzati Qurratu’ain Rahim and Moza.

The Spark crewmembers are: Awg Muhammad Amar Mubasyir Junaidi, Awg Muhammad Faiz Juni, Dyg Fathin Nadhiroh Rosli, and Awg Mohammad Afiq Danial Iran Sunarddy.

The three UBD shorts, among the total 12 student short films produced by other ASEAN university students, are currently available for those interested to watch online for free from 1 to 9 April, 2023 after registration online via the link below:


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