The 5th UBD-FASS Term Screening Celebrates Student Filmmakers’ Talents of Storytelling

The 5th UBD-FASS Term Screening was held on Friday 28th April, 2023 in Pro Chancellor Arts Centre, Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD).

Co-organisers Dr Yong Liu from Design and Creative Industries (DCI) programme and Mayyer Ling from English Studies programme compiled a total of 30 student short films across six genres – Documentary, Fiction, Experimental, Animation, 3-Minute Mini Cinema Made by Mobile-phone, and Music Video – all recommendations from three higher learning institutions in the Sultanate.

The 5th UBD-FASS Term Screening lasted total three hours (including a half-an-hour intermission), followed by a commenting session supported by invited media professionals who are established Bruneian filmmakers – co-founder of Filterworks Production and Progresif Sdn Bhd Content Producer A’aqiil Ahmad, and Azeez Danial from C.T.R.L. Creative Agency. Not only were they impressed by the storytelling skills showcased in the wide range of genres especially those in documentary, animation, fiction, and music video, they also offered straightforward and constructive feedback to some of the screened works and answered questions from the student filmmakers in attendance.

This was the second consecutive year that UBD-FASS Term Screening brought together some of the higher learning institutions nationwide. Among the 30 short films screened in the joint event, 21 titles across all the six genres are made by students from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences’ (FASS) Design and Creative Industries (DCI) Programme at UBD, seven titles in four genres were made by students from Mahakarya Institute of the Arts Asia (MIAA), and two titles in the fiction genre were from Cosmopolitan College.

As a preselection event of the annual PRISM UBD Short Film Festival, some of the screened short films in the 5th UBD-FASS Term Screening are automatically eligible for submission into the next 6th Edition PRISM UBD Short Film Festival, which is scheduled to take place in November and December 2023.

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