UBD SBE Collaborates with MPC for Research Visit in Guangxi, China

In a collaborative effort to support education and foster industry-academia ties, Muara Port Company Sdn Bhd (MPC) is partnering with Universiti Brunei Darussalam School of Business (UBD SBE) for an eight-day research visit to Guangxi, China, taking place from 11th to 18th October, 2023.

The delegation consists of sixteen MPC staff members, led by Chief Operating Officer Fazilah Yassin, and nine postgraduate students from UBD SBE’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme, under the leadership of UBDSBE Dean, Dr. Haji Masairol Haji Masri.

This research visit aligns with the goals of the MBA programme, aiming to enhance participants’ leadership abilities, equip them with cutting-edge skills, forge industry connections, deepen their knowledge base, and provide hands-on experience relevant to the program’s objectives.

According to Chief Executive Officer Zeng Caili, the visit also aims to develop quality human capital as an effort to enhance people’s knowledge and skills as it is critical to encourage a flourishing economy to support the achievements of Wawasan 2035.

The itinerary for the study trip encompasses visits to a number of ports including an International Automated Port, Solar Energy Factory, Semi-Conductor Technology Company, Guangxi University Campus. These visits offer valuable insights into port operations, logistics, technology, and best business practices.

The primary objective of this visit is to provide students and academics with a first-hand understanding of international port operations, manufacturing, productions, research and development, and business ecosystems in Guangxi, China. It presents a unique opportunity for students to witness and apply operational as well as management techniques to real-world scenarios.

This immersive experience exposes students to authentic working environments, enabling them to bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and practical application within their respective domains. Additionally, the visit is also an initiative to strengthen the close relationship between UBD and MPC and to continue future collaborations for research, training, and team building.

This is the third visit organised by MPC where the first was to the Headquarters of Beibu Gulf Port Group, Qinzhou Port and Fangcheng Port in 2019. The second visit was organised during the endemic phase after the outbreak of COVID-19. A group went to Conventional Terminal in Kuantan Port and Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park, Malaysia in 2022 in collaboration with UBD SBE. These visits are MPC’s initiative to enhance human capacity development to improve an individual’s knowledge, skills and technical expertise.

UBD SBE remains steadfast in its commitment to its mission: “to provide quality education and nurture innovative and compassionate leaders who contribute to the community.” Educational visits to industries, such as this research visit, are a cornerstone of UBDSBE’s experiential learning approach, ensuring its continued relevance and delivery of high-quality education.

MPC is a joint-venture enterprise, a partnership between the Government of Brunei Darussalam, represented by Darussalam Assets Sdn Bhd, and Guangxi Beibu Gulf International Port Group Co, Ltd through Beibu Gulf Holding (HK) Co Ltd. Muara Port, a flagship project within the Brunei Guangxi Economic Corridor framework, is committed to strengthening cooperation and promoting development.

The collaboration with MPC will create opportunities that will be beneficial to both entities, including Industrial Internship, study visits and training, as well as Industrial Engagement.

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