Global Entrepreneurship Summer School

This interdisciplinary, socially-enriching programme offers international students an opportunity to spend part of the summer break living in and learning about Brunei. This course is also designed to include experiential learning with an entrepreneurship theme through creating an idea, validating the idea, prototype and finally pitching the idea. Other components of this program includes activities and excursions that will allow you to explore Brunei Darussalam’s Kingdom of unexpected treasures while using this to develop their entrepreneurial ideas.

Start Date:

Postponed to July-August 2021 as a precautionary measure due to the current outbreak of COVID-19

The GESS encompasses the following Lectures/activities:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Biodiversity
  • History and culture
  • Language
  • Malay Islamic Monarchy
  • Global Camp
  • Teambuilding

Module Contents

The Listening Module

            Develop skills in listening for specific information

            Improve on note-taking

The Academic Reading Module

            Develop strategies for speed-reading

            Understand graphs, tables and charts

            Analysis of IELTS specimen papers

The Academic Writing Module

            Question interpretations

            Content organisation and grammatical accuracy

The Speaking Module

            Express attitudes, ideas and opinions

            Seeking clarification

            Pronunciation practice

            Simulated speaking test

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