Office of Alumni Relations and Advancement

UBD has always recognised the central role of alumni in the life of the institution and the mutual benefits that flow from meaningful alumni relationships.

Alumni are one of the most important stakeholders of the university. Once someone has received a degree and any other short courses offered by UBD, they are part of it for life. Therefore, it is important for UBD to maintain an on-going relationship with its alumni, and seek their participation in achieving excellence.

His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Negara Brunei Darussalam, and Chancellor of UBD, acknowledged the importance of getting the university’s alumni to be involved in the development of the university as well as the community:

"It is also my hope that the alumni would be able to contribute back anything to the university and the community in general."

Titah of His Majesty during the Grand Finale of the 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of UBD, 15th October 2011, Chancellor Hall.

The mission of OARA is to foster and strengthen the intellectual and enriching relationships of alumni with UBD, and to inspire and support alumni participation in UBD through service and relationship.

OARA aims to:

Strengthen and maintain mutual partnership between UBD and its alumni

  • Assist in the organization and development of continuous and effective programmes and activities in promoting the welfare of UBD and its alumni
  • Contribute to the growth and development of the facilities, and the educational, research and lifelong learning programmes in UBD

OARA serves to:

  • Provide support for career and life networking
    • Alumni can help UBD by mentoring current students, organising recruitment and internships, building collaborations between their employers and the faculty members at the University
  • Organize events and activities
    • Alumni will gain the opportunities to engage regularly in programmes and activities run by UBD, such as anniversaries, public lectures, reunions and volunteering work
  • Run a communication plan and maintain an updated alumni database
    • Alumni will receive information on the programmes, events and opportunities in UBD
  • Provide opportunities for research development

Alumni can give back to the university through donations and contributions that will strengthen academic programmes, enhance library and technology services, attract distinguished faculty, maintain a quality teaching and learning environment, fund student organisations and provide financial aid to students.


The UBD Mentorship Programme is a 6-month programme during which a mentor assists his or her mentee(s) in career exploration as well as helping to form beneficial lifelong networks. Mentors are matched with mentees according to agreed-on objectives and communicate either face-to-face or online. Click here to read more.

Get reconnected and reunited

Once an individual has graduated from UBD or has undergone short courses in UBD, he or she is automatically an UBD alumnus. Alumni are encouraged to be involved in supporting UBD through numerous events, programmes and services.

Stay Connected!

If you feel like you lost the connection with the university, it is never too late to reconnect with us.

All UBD alumni are encouraged to update us with your latest personal and contact details (including: Title, Name, Mobile Phone, House Phone, Email Address, House Adress, Year of Graduation, Major and Current Profession) by clicking on, email or call us at +673 246 0922/23 Ext 2777. Please follow the Instagram of Office of Alumni Relation and Advancement (OARA) at @ubdalumni for more updates and information.

Sending your updated personal details will automatically make you a subscriber to Discover UBD e-Magazine which will be sent out electronically to all UBD Alumni members.