Dyg Sendi Batu
ECA Officer

Ext. 2430

Awg Demigo bin Kapal
Assistant Officer

Ext. 1801

Dyg Hjh Noralam binti Muntol

Ext. 2431

Venue: Student Centre


The International Student Unit (ISU) is to provide all international students at UBD a wide range of student services and social/ recreational programme.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Facilitates international students’ admission process: student visa and pass applications, Identity Card applications, booking accommodations, airport transfer, airport reception.
  • Facilitates international students’ visa and pass/identity card renewal and cancellation.
  • Coordinates MOE’s and MOFAT’s scholarships
  • Cancellation of international student allowances and international students’ scholarships
  • Updating international student statistics and information details
  • Coordinate with the air freight companies and personal baggage
  • Facilitate, monitor, manage and record students’ participation in International Students’ Club (ISC) activities.
  • Helps to facilitate international students’ needs and transition as smooth as possible
  • Provides an excellent administrative and social services for the international students
  • Provides a comprehensive programme to enhance Brunei’s experiences (e.g. meet & greet gathering, orientation programmes, sight-seeing tours, International Cultural Exchange Night, friends of UBD [buddy programme], etc)
  • Collaborates with various agencies nationally and internationally in variety of programme to enhance students’ development (e.g. in community outreach programmes, environmental issues, etc)

Information of Scholarship for international students

a)     The international students’ allowances are directly from the Ministry of Education but under the purview of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

b)     Once an international student is awarded the Brunei Government scholarship, he/she shall not be eligible for it anymore, i.e. should he/she wishes to pursue a higher degree in Brunei

c)     No travelling allowances will be given if they opt to stay in the Residential Colleges.

d)     All matters pertaining to the international students’ scholarship can be referred to the Graduate Studies Office under the Office of Academic Affairs, e-mail: office.graduate@ubd.edu.bn.


Arrival and Immigration Formalities

Upon Arrival

Extension of Pass and Visa

Upon Completion

Other ISU Services

International Student Club

Safety Reminders