Legal Affairs

The role of the Office is to ensure the provision of appropriate legal advice on a diverse range of substantive and procedural questions of law, as and when required by the University. The Office oversees the drafting, managing, review and negotiations of all contracts, tender documents and other legal documents on behalf of the University. The Office also oversees the legal aspects of the University’s Intellectual Property (IP) rights and assists in resolving legal disputes (if so arises) pertaining to legal contracts and other legal matters at the University.

Other vital roles include rendering effective legal support in the preparation of legal opinions, reports and communications. The Office also assists in the revision and implementation of the University’s regulations and policies, ensures that they comply with the Laws of Brunei Darussalam, and anticipates and embraces relevant regulatory changes and new developments in the local and international arenas of education. Furthermore, the Office conducts legal research and analysis, identifies important issues and apprises the University of emerging legal trends and to continuously update on the prevailing legislations and government policies.

Aside from that, the Office fulfils any other duties/tasks assigned by the Chancellory. It also aligns itself with the mission and vision of the University.



Laws of Brunei
UBD Intellectual Property Policy 

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