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The Office of Strategy, Delivery and Institutional Advancement (SeDIA), with University-wide perspective, functions to plan new initiatives, follow up and track existing programmes and initiatives, and ensure that all University programmes in governance, teaching, learning, research and services are of the highest quality.

The office develops and designs new initiatives in university services, teaching and learning, research as well as infrastructural developments. It also assists in developing strategies and goals to realise the vision, mission and values of UBD, and helps to create a culture of innovation and improvement in the university.

It serves to monitor and assess current policy initiatives and programmes, in order to ensure that they meet the objectives and goals, and to achieve the implementation of UBD’s strategic road maps. 

The Office also ensure Quality Assurance by developing quality improvement strategies and training programmes, drawing up the Quality Assurance Framework for the University, setting goals and key performance indicators and adopting the best practices to ensure the highest quality in all aspects of governance, administration, services, teaching and learning, and research and innovation in the University.

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   Office of Strategy, Delivery and Institutional                            
      Advancement (SeDIA)


   Office of Strategy, Delivery and Institutional
      Advancement (SeDIA)

      First Floor,
      Administrative Building,
      Universiti Brunei Darussalam,
      Tungku Link, Gadong BE1410,
      Brunei Darussalam


       +673 246 0922/ 246 0923 Ext 2796
               / +673 246 1746


        Mr Lim Sei Guan

       +673 246 0922/246 0923 ext 2600


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