Teaching and Learning Centre

Our center promotes excellence in teaching, supports educators’ training needs, and bolsters relations with local and international experts from various industries to foster an academic community.

Our Roles

  • To provide support and training in teaching and pedagogy for UBD’s academic staff, particularly the young academics.
  • To organize seminars and workshops in collaboration with faculties, centers and institutes at UBD and beyond.
  • To nurture the development of teaching strategies for effective and efficient learning at UBD. The themes include technology-enhanced teaching, non-traditional teaching approaches such as problem-based learning (PBL) and team-based learning (TBL), curriculum development, online assessment and e-learning, and other relevant topics.
  • To offer a mentorship scheme that allows young academics to learn and grow with a seasoned lecturer to expand their teaching and research areas.
  • To implement and monitor the academic skills upgrading points (SUP) system for UBD academic staff to enhance quality assurance in teaching for the university by developing competencies among academics in diverse areas of teaching and learning.
  • To connect with experts in teaching and pedagogy for higher learning via ‘Global Speakers Outreach’ programme
  • To support other activites:
    • Academic operations
    • Administer learning management system (CANVAS) for educational courses, training and programmes at UBD
    • Internal and external meetings
    • Teaching Excellence Awards
    • Induction courses for new UBD Lecturer (e.g. canvas , Turnitin)
    • Administration of teaching and learning software in collaboration with UBD ICTC (Qualtrics, Turnitin and evaluation kit)
    • UBD Blended Learning Initiatives
  Teaching and Learning Courses for Educator

The Virtual Classroom: Methods for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education


1.1) Individual package virtual classroom registration fee (6 courses): $500

1.2) Institution package virtual classroom registration fee (10 participants): $4,000




  • The courses offer educators foundations to rethink and reshape their practice for online and blended environments.
  • Each workshop provides educators with the essential knowledge and skills to enhance their virtual teaching, learning and leadership through research-based frameworks, practical strategies and a dynamic peer-learning community.
  • The six series of workshops consist of: is online earning useful? (1), online learning pedagogies (2), how to design blended learning courses and a lesson plan? (3), online assessment strategies (4), collaborative global classroom (5) and virtual mobility in higher education (6).

Course 1- Is Online Learning useful?

An accordion content area

Course 2 - Online learning pedagogies

An accordion content area

Course 3 - How to design blended learning courses and a lesson plan?

Course 4 - Online assessment strategies

Course 5 - Collaborative global classroom

Course 6 - Virtual mobility in higher learning


Workshop 1: Turnitin for newly hired academic staff

Workshop 2: ZipGrade

Workshop 3: Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Facilitation

Workshop 4: Introduction to Application R and R studio Software in Teaching Statistics

Workshop 5: Interactive Teaching & Learning Using CANVAS (Online)

Workshop 6: CANVAS Assessment for Quizzes (Online)

Workshop 7: Flipped Classroom (Online)

Workshop 8: The motivation for Blended Leaning Beyond Technicalities

Workshop 9: Planning Online Activities Strategies on /giving Online Lecturers (Online)

Workshop 10: Webinar on Microsoft 365

Workshop 11: Student-Centered & Structured Blended Learning

Workshop 12: Using MS Teams for Blended Learning

Workshop 13: How To Use Kahoot!

Workshop 14: Student Engagement Tools for Online Learning



Dr Nik Ani Afiqah Haji Mohamad Tuah, Senior Assistant Professor


Dr Hjh Salwa Binti Dato Hj Mahalle, Senior Assistant Professor


Hj Awg Md Fikri bin Hj Awg Metussin


Dyg Zariana Binti Zaini

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